Daily Aspects – Jan 10 – Mercury Retro Meets Venus

At 7:23am on Sunday morning, Mercury Retrograde at 28:39 Capricorn Semi-Squares Venus at 13:39 Sagittarius.

Mercury is Retrograde and was last at this direct on New Year’s Eve day. So there may be a replay of something said or planned at that time. Venus is still separating from her Conjunction with Saturn and still a bit more serious than usual. Though the expansive Sagittarius energy keeps her mood buoyant. Mercury in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn so there is some serious accountability going on with this aspect.

This Semi-Square is an irritation that should get your attention and remind you of the fact that Mercury IS NOT the mind you should be trusting. While he does rule communication, transportation and local community, his quantifiable/limitation mind IS not the one you want running your show.

So pay little attention to what Mercury has going on, simply make a mental note of what has become conscious that you are now revising. This aspect is going to show you something about your desires, your available resources and the collective welfare (Sagittarius) and how that sits with your public reputation.

The upside is that Saturn in 5D is deep, intimate bonding that is very accountable to soul awareness. These words can come across as so ‘healing’ (Venus) of our separation consciousness (Mercury in 3D) and allow us to arrive at a view of things that takes in the big picture (Sagittarius).

This is a great aspect to track to see how well you are doing at remaining in 5D energies.

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