Daily Aspects – Jan 9 – Magically Motivated New Moon

Leading up the Full Moon in Capricorn at 8:30pm on Saturday night, we have some magic being made between Mars and Pluto. In hard/3D aspect, these 2 can bring on warfare-like aggression or passionate manipulation and other unsavory outcomes. But not so on Saturday;)

At 12:25pm EST, Mars at 3:21 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 15:21 Capricorn.

Mars is in the Sign that he and Pluto ‘co-rule’ and he is motivating all us of towards sharing of ourselves and other peoples’ money in a passionate way only he can generate the heat for. Men, or male-like energy, are making the moves towards passionate sharing.

Pluto in Capricorn has been showing us some father-like or public authorities that may have been pursuing some sexual favors from us or those around us.

But all the 3D vibes are far away from us right now as these 2 meet so harmoniously and magically creating a merging between a beauty and a beast type of magic. This magical aspect can overcome many old boundaries that have kept us from merging with someone in the past.

Scorpio energy is all about merging and connecting with people through intimate sharing and, often times, in exchange for the use of their resources. This sharing can be through business, such as investment or loans, through legal matters such as alimony or child support, or death such an inheritance and through sharing for intimate reasons.

Having the 2 Planets that co-rule Scorpio in a  magical aspect means someone, even YOU, might get lucky… a lottery win or a ‘let’s move in together’ type of proposal. Those this aspect doesn’t guarantee any ‘contracts of agreements’ (that would come through personal aspects in your chart at the same time), but it does bring ‘action’ that really seals the deal;)

This the last aspect before the New Moon in Capricorn. These 2 Planets will be in orb of their magic during the time of the New Moon allowing the magic to be available to us over the next 2 weeks.

At 10:30am on Friday, the Moon ingressed Capricorn and the Dark of the Moon is in effect. During this time, the Sun and Moon are already expressing the energy of the New Moon and we can begin to align our goals (Sun) with our intuition and feelings (Moon). We can get quiet and see what ‘fresh start’ this New Moon will be bringing to us over the next 2 weeks.

A New Moon in Capricorn always initiates a fresh start around energies involving our career path, our social status, our public reputation, important foundations in our lives and any authority issues. If you have been struggling with ‘debt’ to some bank (Capricorn entity), this New Moon with the magic between Mars and Pluto dealing with other people’s money that you use is sure to help you to work through a successful resolution of that issue (barring any other difficult aspects in your Natal Chart).

Mercury Retrograde has just re-entered Capricorn and some of the things you hear may be a revision of what has been said over the last few weeks. Don’t pay too much attention to Mercury, but rather follow your Higher Mind Planets to lead you to where you need to be. Turn off the voices in your head that come from Karmic characters in your life and tune in to the inventive energy of Uranus, the expansive perspectives of Jupiter and the all-knowing vibe of Neptune.

Use this New Moon to realize new ways of making money that don’t enslave you to some authority entity (government, banks, corporations). Pluto is magically assisting you to arrive at new agreements with these entities and it is time to see things from a perspective ABOVE the Karma.


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  1. Just stopping in to say thank you for your wise sharings. Did you receive my birth info that I sent to you? Just curious if you pulled that infobtogether…much blessings..Namaste’

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