Daily Aspects – Jan 8 – Personal, Soulful Accountability

On Friday we have 2 aspects between 3 Personal Planets (Mars, Sun and Venus in that order) to Chiron, our soul-level wounding and to Saturn, our Karmic accountability. This means that aspects affect us each personally so it is a day of inward reflection.

At 8:40am Mars at 2:44 Scorpio Ses-Squares Chiron at 17:44 Pisces.

When we wake up Friday morning, our motivations will need to be adjusted in order to create an ease, the Ses-Square aspect. Mars is our actions, our will, our drive and now that he is in Scorpio, we will move towards being intimate without having to think about it. We will be motivated to share resources with someone. But if there is no honesty about our actions, this is where we likely will need to make an adjustment to create the ease. Chiron in Pisces is emotional manipulation. Scorpio energy KNOWS about manipulation and will KNOW if you are not being honest with yourself or them. Mars is finally free of his detriment energy, of being in Libra, and is ready to take the reins to fulfill his will. But Chiron will hold him in check to aligning with Scorpio’s integrity of action. So see what you have to adjust around your new motivations in order to find an ‘ease’ in your intimate and financial dealings.

At 9:15am the Sun at 17:44 Capricorn Sextiles Chiron at 17:44 Pisces.

Here you will have some clarity around any form of manipulation that someone (father-like or public authority) has tried to use on you. You will see how they have been operating and be able to work productively with them to keep things on track. The Sun in Capricorn is showing us something about our current social status and the foundations of our lives. Chiron in tight orb to both the Sun and Mars in these 2 aspects will be ensuring that our foundations align with our new motivations to keep us from exerting forces on others that don’t align with our Souls.

At 11:11pm on Friday night, Venus at 12:01 Sagittarius Conjuncts Saturn at 12:01 Sagittarius.

Here our desires are being accountable to our higher consciousness and spiritual philosophies. When Venus and Saturn conjunct, their energies are merged and in 3D this wasn’t always an easy thing. But in 5D, Saturn is deep, intimate bonding and so when merged with attraction and desire, we can expect some sparks to fly (Sagittarius IS a Fire Sign). We will also find ourselves desiring to BE accountable around the use of our resources for the good of all. We will find that we DESIRE to use our own foundations to support the overall good of the whole (the ‘who’ is determined by your House placement).

Overall, a personal day that promises to help us better align with Soul Awareness. Any pain you feel will be alleviated by making that adjustment to your motivation. The Sun’s Sextile to Chiron can help you to find the ‘gratitude’ for your Soul-Level pain as you see how it has made you the person you are. How it has given you this unique experience of a being a flawed human being, which IS the experience your Soul desired;)

We have one magical day on Saturday as Mars and Pluto make a Quintile to each other and then we have the New Moon in Capricorn on Sunday.

Don’t let Mercury Retrograde let you down. If you are focusing there, you are in 3D or 4D and need to remember your 5D energies/perspectives.




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  1. if all goes well and the weather co-operates, I should be coming into town on the 14th. there’s something about that house I have to find out. it’s wierd, I even see it in my dreams, 707 Main st.

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