Killing Fields and Pluto in the 1st House

Tonight (Tuesday, Jan 5), at 10:00pm EST/9C is the premiere of a new TV show on Discovery Channel, called the Killing Fields. (see Trailer here) It turns out a relative of mine is part of the production of this show and I will be watching! But I have another interest as well… Astrological placement of the killer/s.

A few months ago, in the quiet little town where I live in Northern Michigan, I met an ‘assassin/hired killer’ of sorts. Of course he didn’t tell me that. Actually, I told him that in such a non-judgmental way that he didn’t bother to deny it and pretty much confirmed it when he said, “How did you know that?”

We were talking for a minute at a local bar (I’m Gemini Rising and I talk to EVERYBODY) when a friend of his was setting up to play some music. He mentioned that he owned a lot of property somewhere near a military base and I noticed his haircut was still kind of ‘high and tight’. So I asked him if he was former military (I am so I know the profile quite well). He said, ‘yes.’ And then I asked him when his birthday was and he told me he was Capricorn (I think he gave me the date). I said, “You had kills in Iraq or Afghanistan, right? And you are still a contract killer, right?

“How do you know that?, ” he asked. Well, Pluto in the 1st House (by Sun Sign in this case), especially Pluto in Capricorn as the 1st House shows a feeling of death around the self. They kind of feel like someone else wants to kill them, dominate or destroy them, much of the time and are highly sensitive to power-plays.

And with this placement in his 1st House while in combat, he would more easily become part of the 3% of the military who would actually ‘kill’ someone. The truth is, most of our military won’t take a kill shot in self-defense even… shhhh… don’t tell anyone that, right? But those that do likely have Pluto in this placement.

The 1st House is ruled by Mars which rules aggression and acting without thinking. Put Pluto in the midst of that energy and you have someone who feels that death is coming for them and they will act to kill someone else. Now that feeling that someone else is trying to dominate, or even ‘kill’ them, has various degrees of intensity so that not all Capricorns are close to that line. But I recognize some of the other patterns in his life that fit a pattern that I have seen.

Interestingly, when Transiting Pluto Conjunct my Natal Moon (which rules aspects of the ‘body’) in Capricorn, I had ‘death threats.’ This one was on the motivators for following Astrology so closely so I would have the awareness to know how to manage very difficult energies. In 5D, I knew I would get through the energies, but I had to first address any Karma and fear of death in the 4D sense to stay in 5D.

Anyway, this post is merely to demonstrate that EVERYTHING can be seen in an Astrology chart. If that is the case, there is NOTHING we can judge another person for…. everything is accounted for as part of our human experience. And there is NO real death, only a transformation of energy, right Pluto?

Still, to have detectives trying to find you today, as they are in this show, means that you have some Karmic reverb coming your way as others watching try to help them solve this case… should be interesting.

If/when someone is apprehended, they will need to do some soul-searching to resolve any Karmic fear they have so they can make through the process most easily. At the Soul-Level, they were merely carrying through on the agreements to have this experience.

But watching this show will go a long ways towards showing people the motives (Pluto/Scorpio energy) behind people wanting to kill. See if you can pinpoint any specific planetary placements from the verbal clues of the show. We ALL tell our charts as we speak by using the ‘keywords’ that describe the Planets’ energies. So watch it and become an Astrological detective of the human experience we call ‘life’… which insinuates ‘death’ as well.

My conversation kind of ‘died’ when this same guy told me that he imagines taking his friend out into the woods and cutting him up into little pieces… Hmmm…. I doubt that he will, but death is frequently on his mind… maybe even ‘haunts’ him still as Pluto Conjuncts his Natal Sun and he begins to ‘see’ the ghosts of those he has killed!

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  1. Beth very powerful reading on the killer. Thank you for sharing. You havev really developed your talent and gift for astrology. Bill

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