Daily Aspects – Jan 5 – Missing the Magic

First thing Tuesday morning, we will begin to be challenged around staying in 5D. Mercury is Stationing and Squares Mars, Mercury Retrogrades as Venus Squares Neptune and the Sun Conjuncts Pluto. It is the making of a very rough morning for men and women. BUT… awareness changes everything. So now you will have the ability to stay non-reactive to any 3D energy. Here is the line-up:

At 6:59am Mercury at 1:03 Aquarius Squares Mars at 1:03 Scorpio.

Mars has just ingressed Scorpio as of Sunday night and is first aspect is a Square from Mercury. The expression is going to be a challenge around intimacy and equality within that sharing (financial or personal). It is sure to capture your attention, as Mercury in Aquarius is shocking and unexpected anyway, but add to that Mercury’s slow pace as he prepares to Retrograde and you may actually SEE the handwriting on the wall around some issue of sharing. Try your best not to react to any 3D energy, but to watch and to know that Mercury will Quintile (make some magic) Mars on Jan 17 and things might get much better at that time.

At 8:05am Mercury at 1:03 Aquarius Stations Retrograde.

Now we begin the review process of our words, thoughts and ideas since Dec 19 when Mercury entered his Shadow, Phase 1 of his Retrograde cycle. Most of what is up for review will be your social status, public reputation, career and the foundations of your ego life. As he Stations just inside Aquarius, we can expect there to be an overlap of the need for equality and goodwill for all (Aquarius) within the context of our social structures (Capricorn). On Jan 14, Mercury Retrograde will Conjunct the Sun in what is called their Inferior Conjunction, granting us one of 6 days each year where our thoughts and ideas are in sync with our reality. With Mercury so far ahead of the Sun, our ideas are getting carried away with themselves and his Retrograde cycle will have us reviewing, revising and amending some of our ideas and expressions.

At 9:33am Venus at 7:40 Sagittarius Squares Neptune at 7:40 Pisces.

These 2 Planets make for subconscious attraction that can be either easy or rough. They are the 3D recipe for STDs! But as we are well above that energy (wink, wink), we know how to use this Square as a guide to keep us on track when we don’t take the bait. They also create a fear around our own resources, so remember your philosophy of abundance (Sagittarius) and let go of any fear.

Venus in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which, when combined in a hard angle to Neptune creates excessive drinking/drugging/sexing, will create a very expansive concoction of ‘should we really be doing this?’ energy. Or why do I feel like we’ve done this before and it didn’t go that well, so…. ?

From a 5D perspective, these 3D energies are there to keep us conscious about the choices we DO make and why. So if you feel some old nagging fear pop up around your attraction to someone, just see it as YOUR fear and practice letting it float off into space as Sagittarius energy would love to do.

The entire rest of the day will have a powerful feel to it as the Sun approaches Pluto.

At 10:28pm the Sun at 15:14 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 15:14 Capricorn.

These 2 Planets will end and begin a new annual cycle. As they meet today, we will have clarity around any misuse of father-like or public authority. We will be able to see more clearly what is going on and what may lie ahead regarding our careers, public reputation and social status. Last year they met at 13+ degrees Capricorn and now they are at 17+ degrees. We are moving further through our transformation (Pluto) of public structures (Capricorn) and over the next few days we may have more clarity on what Pluto will be bringing us over the rest of the year.

Mercury will make 2 more passes to this same degree as he completes his Retrograde cycle. We can expect our expressions to reflect some of the clarity the Sun is now providing. His 1st pass to 15:14 was on Dec 20. His 2nd pass will be on Jan 23 and the last pass will be on Jan 28.

Mercury will make 2 more Conjunctions to Pluto on Jan 22 and Jan 30. Together with his Inferior Conjunction to the Sun these dates will show us much about the next year’s transformation of father-like and public authority and structures.

But as the Sun separates from the Conjunction with Pluto, the Sun will be in tight orb to a Square to Uranus which won’t exact until Thursday morning. But the awareness will help us to wrap up the entire phase of ‘Drastic Change’ the 7 Squares of Uranus to Pluto from Jun 2012 – Mar 2015 has put us through. Let the awareness in and we will each find our path to freedom that will lead us away from the Karmic corruption of our governments, banks and corporations without a single ounce of resistance.


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