Daily Aspects – Jan 2 – Magical, Clarifying Motivation

. Happy Make-Believe New Year Everyone!!…;) Why ‘make-believe?’ you ask… Well, because the timing of the Gregorian Calendar has no direct connection to the timing of the Planets… it is a vanity mind construct, right from Mercury’s South Pole… hehe…

It doesn’t mean that I didn’t celebrate it by going out dancing because… well.. there lots of bands playing on New Year’s Eve. For me the timing each year is favorable as the Sun sits at 9+ Capricorn each year right in between my Venus and Moon Conjunction there. It feels like a good night to get out. But from an Astrological standpoint, it is an arbitrary date on a 3D timetable that is divorced from the Higher Mind energies of the Planets… like most Holidays. However, it does make for a great winter break when you put it together with Christmas…. so someone was trying to think here.

FYI – If a ‘calendar’ followed the timing of the Planets, it would be like the Almanac and new ‘month’ would start on the New Moon.

This is a busy week with Mercury ingressing Aquarius on Sunday as he slows for his Retrograde Station on Wednesday. Mars ingresses Scorpio on Sunday night and Jupiter Stations Retrograde on Friday. From Tuesday to Thursday, as Mercury Stations, the Sun will enter into the ‘Drastic Change’ energy of the 7 exact Squares of Uranus to Pluto (from Jun 2012 – Mar 2015). Though not exact now, these 2 Titans are within orb of a Square as the Sun provides us clarity around the ways things HAVE changed drastically. This is a great aspect for reviewing the ‘State of the Union’ as political structures crumble (Pluto in Capricorn) from the awareness of the people (Uranus in Aries).

Anyway, there are no major aspects made between the Transiting Planets on New Year’s Eve. But on Jan 2 we have a magical aspect and a minor, but productive’ aspect.

At 12:41am the Sun at 11:15 Capricorn Quintiles Mars at 29:15 Libra.

This is the last aspect Mars will make from Libra for another 2 years as he will have a Retrograde Cycle beginning in April when Mars will Station Retrograde at 8:54 Sagittarius moving back into Scorpio for a time as well.

So that means you need to use this magical aspect with the Sun on Friday night to take action towards reciprocity and balance in a relating-ship. Or to find your own inner serenity that will foster good relating-ships down the road. The Sun in Capricorn will be helping Mars to see which structures to initiate (Capricorn energy) to provide more reciprocity and balance to these exchanges. You will be able to see the purpose of your motivations here as well.

When you wake up on Saturday morning, see what you are magically motivated to DO without even thinking about it.

At 1:35am the Sun at 11:17 Capricorn Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 11:17 Sagittarius.

At this time I should be about halfway through my 5D Astrology, Theory of Everything presentation. So this aspect should keep me reponse-able to the energies of Jupiter which rules both cosmology AND spirituality/higher consciousness. Here the Sun will provide some clarity around my ‘authority’ as I speak. It may help people to better understand the concepts that I think are very elementary.

For every other situation, this is just a helpful aspect between our social status and our philosophy. Saturn rules the Sun in Capricorn, so any clarity will be helpful in knowing which structures to initiate.

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