Daily Aspects – Dec 22 & 23 – Soulful Magic of Christmas

Full Moon aside, the lead-up to Christmas is a magical and productive one. We have nothing but 2 very nice, Soulfully-magic aspects on Tuesday and Wednesday.

There are mostly Sextiles (60 degrees) between the Planets on Thursday and Friday, and the Full Moon occurs at 6:11am on Friday morning. It will be an emotional homecoming for anyone arriving on Christmas Eve! Early Christmas morning, there is a Semi-Square between Mercury (conscious mind) and Neptune (subconscious mind). You will likely dream about some past Christmas or something you want for Christmas that you just can’t have and you will need to wake up remembering that you have all that you need and BE HAPPY!

All day on Friday, words will be expansive, optimistic and all about serving others as Mercury Trines Jupiter on Christmas Day. But Friday night and Saturday morning is going to have us hopping. There are still only Sextiles and Semi-Sextiles through the night from Venus and Mercury to the North Node. But on Saturday morning, Mars will create some irritation (Semi-Square) with Saturn. Don’t let this be your ‘Grinch’ that steals the Christmas magic;)

The wind beneath your Christmas-preparation wings are these 2 magical aspects:

At 6:49am on Tuesday, Mars at 23:13 Libra Biquintiles Chiron at 17:13 Pisces. This is going to be some magic that allows your actions to perfectly bring about what you are motivated for in your relating-ships. Your actions will be graceful and refined and much appreciated. You will see something that is soulful about the way you act today and it couldn’t feel better. Men will act like they KNOW (Chiron/Pisces) how to relate (Libra) and women (Venus rules Libra) will respond graciously. Reciprocity will come easily. Use this day to get your heavy-lifting done with Mars’ actions aligning soulfully.

At 10:28pm on Wednesday Venus at 22:34 Scorpio Biquintiles Uranus

Now is the time for women (Venus) to reciprocate (Libra, which Venus rules) with their intimate partners (Scorpio). Their actions (Aries, which Mars rules) will be motivated with Soulful-Awareness from Uranus. They will also have inspiration to balance the scales to the magical benefit of both partners. While Uranus inspires us to freedom, Venus sees her own ability to maintain her self-sufficiency (she rules her earned income) as a bonus to her intimate relating-ships and uses her resources in a magical way that shows Soulful merging as any great Scorpio energy would desire.

This aspect could surprisingly change up (Uranus) your desires (Venus) and you succumb to the actions of Mars without even thinking about it first! Mistletoe anyone… I think this is one of the ‘magics’ of Christmas traditionally.

NOTE: Mars and Venus energies are not just by gender. You are both Mars and Venus at different times in various situations. But you may recognize Mars as a ‘traditional’ male energy and Venus as a ‘traditional’ female energy. With Uranus and Chiron in the mix, you should KNOW that ALL types of pairing are included here;) Uranus is the reason we are seeing Gay marriage and Katelyn Jennings and such! It can be shocking, bizarre and out-of-the-box, but it is so refreshing to just accept it all from Source!

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful guidance..I have shared your link At the Table..today. I am following your blog..but do not for some reason get it automatically in my emails?! At any rate..I watch for your posts and share wildly and completely your amazing insights..Have a most beautiful adventure within your world this week..Namaste’

    1. I’m grateful for your comment, Soulspeak;) I believe you have yourself some of that Soul-awareness;) lol…. thank you for sharing it with others! There should be a ‘follow’ button on my front page that will email it to you directly. Let me check with WP and see what they say…it seems to be an issue since I went to the .com mapping. Weird because I meant to write about that in my newsletter today and forgot to! Would love to see your chart and how it hits mine (if you would like, email me your date of birth, time of birth and city of birth and I will review it for you)… no doubt there is a very soulful connection!! Namaste

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      2. oh wow..thanks so much..what is your email address..I cannot find it on your page..but I did nclick follow again and it seems it might have accepted this time..love the energy…

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