Daily Aspects – Dec 20 & 21 – Motivated Expression

On Sunday and Monday, Mercury and Mars make all the aspects. Mercury is our expression, thoughts and ideas. Mars is our motivation. Mercury is in Capricorn so we are talking about the structures of our lives and looking at our public reputation. Mars is in Libra and is motivated for trying out these new 5D relating-ships. But the 2 Houses they are Transiting are Square to one another so there is a bit of friction.

At 4:49pm on Sunday, Mars at 22:19 Libra Ses-Squares Neptune at 7:19 Pisces.

Here we have an adjustment that brings an ease (Ses-Square) between our motivation for relating-ships and our subconscious ideas. Neptune can bring things up from our past-lives that we are not even aware of. The only way we will detect what Neptune is bringing to the surface is to watch how our actions (Mars) adjust in some way (Ses-Square). Who you are trying to ‘relate’ to is shown by the House where you have 7:19 Libra/Pisces. Mars can bring up men in our lives as well as our own, or their, motivation.

At 10:07pm Mercury at 16:34 Capricorn Squares Uranus Retrograde at 16:34 Aries.

Mars is ruling Uranus right now so that is the closest connection between the aspects on Sunday and Monday. (NOTE: There may be a direct connection, or not, depending on your Natal Chart.) Here our public reputation and social status (Capricorn) may be running at odds with our personal path to freedom (Uranus in Aries). On Dec 10, Mars in Libra Opposed Uranus just 6 minutes from Uranus’ position in this aspect. There may be some expression (Mercury) today that shows how you need to balance your motivation for relating-ship (Mars in Libra) in contrast to your personal freedom (Uranus in Aries). See what you can about how your social status (Capricorn) is affecting both of these placements of Mars and Uranus. There will likely be some expression that captures this essence. With Uranus affecting the expression, we can expect the words to come flying out unexpectedly. There will be some revelation that comes when they do pop out.

At 8:39am on Monday Mercury at 17:12 Capricorn Sextiles Chiron at 17:12 Pisces.

Here the words will be productive (Sextile) for any healing around the expression Mercury had when he Squared Uranus. Chiron will allow us to see something at the Soul-Level that makes sense of the revelation that was needed to shake up some situation. With this Double-Whammy of Soulfuless (from Uranus and Chiron), Mercury is being taken out of his old 3D ways and straight into some 5D Soul Awareness. Embrace all that you hear and sense today.

NOTE: Venus just went through this Double-Whammy aspect on Thursday night and Friday morning. But she was in Scorpio so the energy and stories were different, but these Mercury aspects may relate to the same story, but emphasizing new elements of your desires for intimacy… like what does this mean to the structures in your public life (Capricorn).

At 11:13am Mars at 22:45 Libra Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 22:45 Virgo.

Here Jupiter is going to remind Mars to check his philosophy of relating while keeping a healthy perspective around service in mind. Not an easy thing to put together is the balance and reciprocity of Libra with the service of Virgo. Virgos (and Virgo energy) tend to have little balance when they begin to serve others. They do it instinctively and it can be hard to step back and consider that others might just reciprocate if you slow down a bit. In fact, others probably DO want to reciprocate, but they can find an opening;) Here the opening will come by taking in the big picture and moving out in a direction that Virgos tend not to see… the forest. Virgos can be so busy focusing on each tree. And there you have some motivation for relating that actually is service, too.

Tuesday and Wednesday are magical… and so the lead-up to the Holidays is about BOTH Mars and Venus jumping in and doing their part. Hmmm… times are changing. Women don’t serve so much any more (generally) and men are filling in this gap… Hmmm… sounds like this aspect!

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