Daily Aspects – Dec 17 – Ease of Sharing Resources

At 6:19am on Thursday Venus at 14:34 Scorpio Sextiles Pluto at 14:34 Capricorn.

As she Transits Scorpio, Venus is ruled by Pluto who rules Scorpio. These 2 Planets rule our 2 Money Houses (2nd/Taurus/your resources and 8th/Scorpio/other peoples’ resources). And Venus rules ‘desire and sensual touch’ while Pluto rules ‘intimacy and sex.’

There is always a very strong undercurrent when these 2 connect. The Sextile makes their energies productive. Scorpio/Pluto make their energies deep. And Venus, in easy aspect, makes their energies healing.

So Wednesday night, Thursday morning could prove very helpful to you if you need to manage some new ways to get what you want. OR to find a way to be fair/balanced/reciprocal as Venus also rules Libra, the Sign of balanced relating-ships.

At 7:58am the Sun at 25:15 Sagittarius Quintiles Neptune at 7:15 Pisces.

If there is any hesitancy around the new terms Venus and Pluto are working through, this aspect will make it all disappear. The Sun is in the Sign of optimism, Sagittarius, and just one degree from the Galactic Center. The Sun is making magic to our collective unconscious allowing us to see through the fog of Neptune so we can really get our conscious mind straight with our subconscious mind.

Wherever you have early Pisces is where you may have had some trouble putting a finger on what Neptune is dissolving in your life. The Sun allows you a chance to see through the fog and get clear about things for a short bit. But the magical aspect means that you can really achieve a new level (5D) of mastery on understanding how the subconscious mind works. The clarity you receive will allow you to be more content with Neptune’s unseen hand morphing things in your life.

You will know that it is all for your progress towards higher consciousness (Sagittarius).

On Friday morning, the Sun will Square the Nodes of Fate (North Node in Virgo/South Node in Pisces)and you may begin to feel this aspect building. This will CERTAINLY bring a very deep clarity to us around our higher consciousness, how to reconcile ourselves with service (Virgo) to others, not just our local community, but the global community (Sagittarius).

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