Daily Aspects – Dec 11 – New Moon in Sagittarius

At 5:29am on Friday morning, the Moon Conjuncts the Sun at 19:03 Sagittarius creating the monthly NEW MOON.

The Sun rules our real-time, goals, purpose and ego, or our ‘public life’. The Moon rules our intuition and our emotional nature, or our ‘private life’.

When they are Conjunct, that means our purpose and feelings are in sync and we can set clear goals for the month ahead that our emotions can support. Once the Moon enters Sagittarius, which the Moon did early morning on Wednesday, we are in the ‘Dark of the Moon’ where we can begin to feel the merged energies and ‘intuit’ where the ‘fresh start’ of the New Moon will occur, how it will occur, etc.

A New Moon in Sagittarius will bring a ‘fresh start’ for all of us in the areas of religion (3D) / philosophy/higher consciousness (4D) / Soul Awareness (5D). It may also involve foreigners, foreign things, or our philosophy around these things. Or long distance travel and vacations. Or mentors and seniors may play a role. There could be an insurance issue or some other type of speculation going on that gauges your optimism and tests your philosophies and whether they hold water. These are all Sagittarius areas.

The House in your Natal Chart where you have 19 Sagittarius will determine WHO the players are in this ‘fresh start’ for you. If you don’t know how to read your Natal Chart, simply email me your birth date, birth time (or approx), and birth city. I will let you know where it falls for you. OR you may be able to figure it out based on this outline for Sun Signs (Rising Signs can vary based on which degree, but read the one before or after your Rising Sign to see if you can FEEL which one applies to you).

By Sun Signs:

Sagittarius – YOU may make plans to travel or to experience some new cultural events. Or foreigners and philosophers tie up your month.

Capricorn – YOU may decide to isolate yourself a bit as you recuperate and restore your energy. You will be ending an annual cycle as you prepare the the New Moon next month that highlights a new way that you will assert yourself. There may be some legal issue that gets wrapped up as well.

Aquarius – Groups of people or the social network may be prominent for you this month. Or you may decide to join a new group or start a philanthropic project. Or to have an Astrology Reading;)

Pisces – Father-like and public authorities will help you to create some new career goals or to recognize you for the work you have been doing.

Aries – Mentors, philosophers or foreigners may get you to sign up for a new course of study that allows you to rejuvenate your core beliefs. Or you could find yourself working through some legal issues.

Taurus – Bankers, lenders, benefactors, ex-spouses and others you share resources or are intimate with will tie up this month keeping you focused on transparency or ways to get a return on their investment.

Gemini – Partners, business and personal, and all types of relating-ships will have you focused a bit more on them and how you can balance our their needs with yours and practice some reciprocity.

Cancer – You may be dealing with some new fitness gurus who get you to enroll in a new program they have. Or it could be a mentor/foreigner/insurance person that helps you at work or in fitness or health related areas.

Leo – Children, romantic partners and entertainment venues may have you traveling this month. Or you could seek your own entertainment in some ‘Vegas-style’ city.

Virgo – You may be feeling restless around mom, home and family and want to get away from it all by traveling. Or keeping up your nomadic lifestyle by sojourning through the month via your work.

Libra – This month will be all about neighbors and siblings and local transportation, though it can also be you traveling a long distance to visit school-mates, siblings, etc.

Scorpio – You will be setting some goals for how to acquire some resources even though Saturn has been seeming to restrict this area of your life at the same time. You may have a chance to earn some income by sharing yourself and your services with someone at a long-distance or a mentor or a foreigner.

There is another aspect on Friday that may color your day. It is a continuation of the Opposition between Mars and Uranus on Thursday.

At 11:43am Mars at 17:01 Libra Quincunx Chiron at 17:01 Pisces.

There can be a sting as you move out on that awareness that Uranus provided on Thursday, but it will help you to adjust yourself to a more grateful space as you relate to others with less fear of pain.

The Sun Trined Uranus and Squared Chiron on the same degree (17+) on Wednesday. The Sun is in Sagittarius so the clarity (Sun) came through around philosophy/higher consciousness/Soul-Awareness at that time.

As Mars meets the same players at the same degree, we get a different picture of things. It will be YOU applying that clarity (Sun) to your relating-ships (Libra) via the actions (Mars) you take. You may not see the connection until you take the action. The Quincunx to Chiron means that Mars will likely take an action that he must make adjustment to his future actions. Or he could use the Soul Awareness the Sun provided to help him to SEE what to adjust BEFORE he acts. Certainly harder for Mars to do, but in Libra, and with Soul-Awareness, it may just be possible;)

Either way, nothing you do is WRONG;) It is only your awareness that counts. And your Soul-Awareness AUTOMATICALLY adjusts you and all of your actions anyway;)

5 thoughts on “Daily Aspects – Dec 11 – New Moon in Sagittarius

  1. Just a note to tell you how helpful the daily transit reports are to me! It never fails that, when I notice something shifting in me, I can read the report and correlate the reason. Continually amazed…!

    1. Michael, you are very aware, but a transit report helps you learn to identify each planet’s energies so you can live attuned to all that is:) thanks for writing!

  2. Hey Beth! Still not quite sure how to read my natal chart – sorry, slow learner here πŸ™‚ Curious where this is falling for me bc I feel miserable and afraid to make some changes in my relationship that seem to be necessary – ie me leaving. So Alpena Michigan October 23rd 1981 12:44am Thanks for all your posts! Crystal πŸ™‚

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    1. Crystal, you have this new moon in ur 5th house of romance by rising sign n ur 3rd house of loc community n communications by sun sign. It’s not the new moon causing you to want to leave as much as mars in ur 1st of self and this morning mars quinine Chiron n on Thursday opposite Uranus has you aware of your need for independent freedom and men causing some wounding… call me to discuss, if u want. All readings are by donation only. But what awareness came thru on Thursday before the wounding?

  3. Beth,
    Every word rang a bell with what I’ve been feeling. I took the day to paint, work out, and relax with a bubble bath before going out this evening. Hope there’s something wonderful in my chart this evening. πŸ™‚

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