Daily Aspects – Dec 9 – Remember Gratitude

As I sit down to write this on Tuesday morning, Mercury has not quite exacted his Square to the Nodes of Fate (see yesterday’s post). Here is how this aspect played out for me:

As a Scorpio, Mercury (rules communications) in Sagittarius (good fortune) is in my 2nd House of ‘things/possessions’ (my phone) by Sun Sign. The Nodes of Fate are across the Virgo (North Node) / Pisces (South Node) axis, where my own North Node is natally at 11:58 Virgo. I have been working hard (Virgo) making jewelry for a craft show and staying up late. Wanted to work out this morning with a friend, but kept hitting the snooze button. I decided to text her (Mercury) that I would be late (South Node in Pisces). As I pulled my phone out at the gas pump, it fell on the ground and shattered a corner and left a few long streaks across the face. My Virgo North Node hates to be late. My Pisces South Node sure wanted more sleep. And Mercury decided it all by the Square aspect fating my phone in the meantime.

This is just an example of how these aspects can play out. But as the North Node is Transiting in the Sign where I have my Natal North Node, I am getting real lessons around my own axis of soulful lessons. Can you spot this aspect in your life today (Tuesday)?

Wednesday we only have one aspect.

At 5:04am the Sun at 17:00 Sagittarius Squares Chiron at 17:00 Pisces.

For all of us, this is some subconscious (Pisces) pain (Chiron) that we ‘see’ (Sun) we have around foreigners, long-distance travel, spiritual beliefs and our philosophies, higher education (or lack of it)… all Sagittarius type things. However, the Sun can also provide us with ‘clarity’ around how this wounding has served us in learning some soul-level lessons. Once you can find some gratitude for the situation, you can ease any pain.

For instance, as we hear of foreign things that are soooo scary to most everyone in 3D, we can find some example in our lives where others might have been afraid of us when we moved to a new place or talked about ideas that seemed ‘foreign’ to people around you.

This aspect can bring up all kinds of pain we have around things are ‘different’ from us or ways we are ‘different’ from others. But we can find that gratitude if we use the Sagittarius side of things and take a bigger perspective of the situation…. a global view. At the global level, we can see that there is a symmetry between the duality (Gemini) of our karmic condition and then we can understand it and find the necessary peace to manage it.

Chiron is our umbilical cord to our Soul. Chiron Transiting in Pisces is bringing up the last of our 3D fears from our collective unconscious (Pisces) so we can release them as we enter a more enlightened era (5D/Age of Aquarius/Neo-Cortex brain). See my page ‘The Dimensions Explained’

Who you feel pain around on Wednesday will be determined by the Houses where you have 17 Sagittarius/Pisces. This will show you the ‘players’ in this aspect. For instance, perhaps you have a family member that you have had trouble warming up to because they have very different ideas, that might be Sagittarius or Pisces in your 4th House of family.

Gratitude is the key to moving through any Chiron pain.

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