Daily Aspects – Dec 4 – Magical, Mindful Motivation

On Friday we have 2 aspects made between Personal Planets (Mercury, Mars) to 2 Higher Mind Planets (Jupiter, Neptune).

At 7:53am Mercury at 21:24 Sagittarius Squares Jupiter at 21:24 Virgo.

These 2 Planets are in ‘mutual reception’ meaning they are in the Signs the other Planet rules. So their energies seem to be very flexible as to outcomes.

Mercury in Sagittarius is already in a higher state of mind as he is seeing the big picture, thinking globally and not just locally and far more optimistic. Jupiter in Virgo is a bit less optimistic as he is having to focus so much on work and the details that Jupiter knows aren’t really that important. But there is a Soul-Level lesson coming here by way of the North Node in Virgo… but I digress.

With this aspect, we can expect words, or LOTS of words, or communication from far away… like the pinging made from alien frontiers?, you ask… not so much. But that IS one possibility. More like headlines (Mercury) that discuss accounting details (Virgo) between various foreign entities (Jupiter/Sagittarius). Or churches (Sagittarius) having to account (Virgo) for some of their foreign expenditures (Jupiter/Sagittarius).

But for each of us, this is an aspect that will help us to see the forest for the trees where lately we may be too ‘trimming a tree’ focused (yes, it IS that time of year, but I was referring to pruning;). Lately we have lost sight of the forest as we tend to each little tree. So the challenge of the Square will bring our attention back to the big picture so we can see how all the details may actually support a larger perspective… hopefully;)

At 5:52pm Mars at 13:06 Libra Biquintiles Neptune at 7:06 Pisces.

This one feels sooooo good.  Of course, many are on their way home ready to start the weekend and this aspect couldn’t be better for that. But our motivations (Mars) for a relating-ship that is very balanced and non-possessive (Libra in 5D magic) is very well-received (Neptune in Pisces) by an other (our projection, but still, we are in sync with playing with 5D magic here. The Biquintile takes things to a whole ‘nother level…. one of ease and magic.

So whatever your motivations (check House where you have 13:06 Libra), you are sure to be appreciated and rewarded for your self-assertion (Mars) that is very diplomatic and refined (Libra).

What a great start to the weekend!

There are no aspects made between the Transiting Planets on Saturday, but there are 6 on Sunday so I will be breaking them up;)

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