Daily Aspects – Dec 3 – Soulful Desires

There is just one minor aspect on Thursday, but it should be a helpful one for getting to understand 5D relating-ships.

At 6:58am (so you may feel it Wednesday night the most) Venus at 28:02 Libra Semi-Sextiles the True Node at 28:02 Virgo.

For the 18 months prior to Nov 12, Venus rules the North Node as it Transited in Libra teaching us how to find deep, inner serenity so that we could have fertile soil for a non-possessive 5D relating-ship.

Now Venus is Transiting her own Sign, Libra, and making a productive aspect to the North Node in Virgo.

Whereas in 3D Virgo can be quite anal, the North Node here is causing us to sense WHY we serve others and how we should go about it. This aspect then is causing us to consider ‘service’ within the context of new 5D relating-ships. It could bring up plenty of new desires for you. But they will be ones that make sense of service that doesn’t drain us or martyr us without the ability to bring things into Soulful focus.

Not the easiest of aspects to ‘feel’, but one that is worth trying to. See if you can figure out if there is a change in your desires today that bring you into greater balance and internal peace. That would be this aspect.

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