Daily Aspects – Dec 1 – Soulful Expression

On Tuesday Mercury makes the only aspects to both Uranus and Chiron, 2 Soul Awareness points.

At 9:00am Mercury at 16:49 Sagittarius Trines Uranus at 16:49 Aries.

This is a wonderful ease between our conscious/vanity mind (Mercury) and our revelatory mind (Uranus). Trines allow us to move from 3D thought or energy into 5D if we allow it. But a Trine to Uranus means that the revelation will come through our conscious mind without us even having any chance to repress it or block it. It means we will recognize the flash of insight and use it fearlessly. Mercury in Sagittarius means he is already mixing energy with Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, so he has 2 Higher Mind energies assisting him to get a Soulful (Uranus) perspective (Jupiter). This new perspective will allow you to pursue your path to freedom (Uranus in Aries) while also keeping the big picture perspective of your world and seeing others’ needs for freedom as well. When Uranus meets Mercury, words can have a shocking effect and be blurted out without any forethought, but the Trine will ease any angst around the words. Except that the next aspect is exacting so closely we are likely to feel some sting as the words tumble out.

At 11:01am Mercury at 16:57 Sagittarius Squares Chiron at 16:57 Pisces.

Chiron has just Stationed Direct on Sunday and is now just one degree away from the Direct Station degree and minute. So this is a very powerful expression you may find yourself saying or someone saying something to you that hurts or stings. The Square makes this a challenge for you as you try to grapple with a bit of that old, familiar pain (Chiron’s wounding is deep) around emotional manipulation or an old fear that things just never go your way. That is Chiron in 3D. Mercury IS 3D, but in 5D becomes a mere ‘lens’ to our conscious world. If you can take in the pain that might surface and use your Soul Awareness to let it go, you will be back on track with the revelation from Uranus and not slowed down a bit.

Uranus and Chiron are still separating from their productive Semi-Sextile aspect that exacted on Wednesday. This means both aspects are tightly interwoven and you won’t notice much difference between the 2 unless you look closely to your words or the words of others. Any pain will be from Chiron, but use Uranus’ revelations to assist you in putting the pain away as you rise above (Mercury in Sagittarius) the too-close picture of human exchange and take a view from your Soul’s perspective. THAT is what Tuesday is all about.

Uranus and Chiron are elevating Mercury’s perspective so that we are not limited by our old 3D thoughts.

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