Daily Aspects – Nov 29 – Sun in the Square

On Sunday, we will have clarity around the structures and Saturn Square Neptune is dissolving.

At 9:49am the Sun at 7:03 Sagittarius Squares Neptune at 7:03 Pisces.

Anytime the Sun meets Neptune we have some ‘foglights’ helping us see through the shroud of fog that is Neptune. Here the Sun meets Neptune just one minute past the exact Square of Saturn to Neptune that occurred Thursday morning. This is the first real look through the fog to see what may be morphing/leaving our lives. For all of us, there is some dissolving of borders, boundaries, laws along with some forgiveness of various areas that Sagittarius rules. If not on this Square, over the next 8 months we will see many forms of ‘forgiveness’ expressed.

For each of us, the structures dissolving may have most to do with the Houses where we have 7:02 Sagittarius/Pisces right now. As Saturn Squares Neptune 2 more times, the degrees will be further along, but not by much. You may have the next 2 Squares in different Houses than you have this one. The 2nd Square occurs on Jun 18, 2016 at 12:02 of the respective Signs just as Neptune is Stationing Retrograde and sitting still on this exact degree and minute for a week–very powerful energy. And the 3rd Square occurs Sep 10, 2016 at 10:25.

The 1st Square will set the tone and begin to show us what is going to dissolve. Now that the Sun meets both of the Planets in the Square, from the position where Saturn is Transiting, we will have a good idea of the Sagittarius things that are morphing and dissolving.

Before the Sun Conjuncts Saturn on Sunday evening, though, we have another aspect mid-day.

At 1:35pm Mercury at 14:00 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 14:00 Capricorn.

This is Pluto’s 3rd and final pass to this degree. He crossed it on Jan 24 and Jul 17, 2015. There may be something communicated (Mercury) today that continues the story from that time. The story will be something about the person/entity that is misusing their father-like or public authority over you (Pluto in Capricorn). While you have made peace with them several times, this aspect will show you how well you have done and give you a productive opportunity to work through any issues that still linger. In one month, when Mercury Conjuncts Pluto, these 2 Planets will begin a new cycle together so Sunday’s aspect is about wrapping up the cycle from a year ago when Mercury was Conjunct Pluto in Dec 2014. See what gets communicated around intimacy, use of other peoples’ money, debts, loans, etc. As well as how you are more optimistic for the moment around these issues.

At 7:16pm the Sun at 7:27 Sagittarius Conjuncts Saturn at 7:27 Sagittarius.

This Conjunction begins a new annual cycle of these 2 Planets’ combined energies. Their story will begin and end in Sagittarius over the next year on nearly the same day.

When the Sun meets Saturn we will have clarity around what is dissolving in a more physical way than we did when the Sun met Neptune. Subconsciously, we all want the morphing, but when we see the physical results (Saturn in Sagittarius), we may not necessarily feel the same way. In 5D, you can just accept it all as part of the experience and not bother to judge it.

The Sun will allow us to ‘see’ those things in the cross-hairs of Neptune’s slow dissolving.

It will be a powerful day to pay attention to what we can really see that we might not have been looking towards at all. It will just be there for us to glimpse into as a way of ‘foreshadowing’ the totally dissolving in the Summer of 2016.

There are no aspects on Monday, Nov 30, but I may write about something else;) The first week of December holds quite a bit of magic in it. It will be a good lead-in to the Holidays

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