Daily Aspects – Nov 28 – Desires Meet Dissolution

Saturday is doing to be an interesting day. There are 3 aspects and Venus makes all 3 of them.

Venus rules desires, beauty, earned income, available resources, luxury items, values and sensual touch. And she rules Libra, where she is Transiting right now which rules relating-ships, diplomacy, balance, reciprocity and close friends.

Venus will aspect both Neptune and Saturn giving us a unique perspective of what they are doing with their ‘dissolving structures’ energy. And then she will make a very magical aspect to Chiron with will leave us all feeling so good.

On Sunday the Sun will enter the Square of Saturn to Neptune as the Sun Conjuncts Saturn. This will be clarity around what is going on and leaving our world via their energy.

But Saturday is a bit more subtle as Venus rules desires and can be less easy to feel and she is aspecting them both from our relating-ship House. Here is how the day will unfold:

At 3:04am Venus at 22:03 Libra Ses-Squares Neptune at 7:03 Pisces.

This is an adjustment before an ease energy. Venus and Neptune create subconscious desires and there is an adjustment to our desires that we need to make. If Neptune is dissolving our Sagittarius structures of borders and boundaries, you may find it easier to decide to ‘date’ someone very  different from you. Or you may decide to give someone’s cultural views another look for the sake of balance. Or you may decide to use some of your resources within a relating-ship that you didn’t consider using before. Maybe you will change some values you have around giving it some ‘religious entity’ (Sagittarius in 3D). Or you may decide it IS a good thing if they forgive everyone’s student loans.

You might decide that you can do with less ‘things’ (Venus in 3D loves her things) and find that releasing a desire for something creates an ease that feels better. Or will you release a relating-ship partner from some expectation you have and let things just flow more?

This aspect could occur in a dream state and you will wake up with an adjusted desire.

It can be just about anything, really, but the important part is to see what it is FOR YOU. What subconscious desire will you adjust and find an ease develops?

At 7:52am Venus at 22:16 Libra Semi-Squares Saturn at 7:16 Sagittarius.

Here Venus meets the structure side of the Saturn/Neptune Square as it is separating. This is a slight irritation aspect so you might also wake up wondering if you will miss this structure in your life. The structures that are dissolving are in Sagittarius which rules optimism, philosophy, religions/spirituality, mentors, foreigners, students, colleges, churches, etc. The structures that have held these institutions and foreign lands up over the years are dissolving on some levels. Can you see how that might affect some of your relating-ships? Or your reciprocity of your resources within relating-ships? Libra rules the social consensus so you may find yourself a bit irritated by some of the ‘forgiveness’ of things that may be going around, but it shouldn’t last too long. By the end of the day the healing will be there.

From morning to evening, Chiron will be Stationing Direct as Venus makes a double-magic aspect to our collective Soul-Level wounding. Venus is a Healing Planet, too, so this will be a great day for major forgiveness and healing over many issues around relating-ships and the dissolving of some 3D structures.

At 9:38pm Venus at 22:56 Libra Biquintiles Chiron at 16:56 Pisces–the very degree and minute of Chiron’s Direct Station that occurred earlier. Again, with Chiron in Pisces, this is a subconscious healing that occurs at the Soul-Level. It will be possible to see ourselves as one and connected to all things. It is an aspect like this that can allow us to see ‘the Kingdom of heaven’ which to me IS Soul Awareness if someone had awareness of their past-lives would have known.

There will be magical healing between ourselves and all ‘others’ that we relate to and exchange affection for. There will be a social consensus (Libra) that says ‘yes’ we will choose forgiveness of all these things that are being discussed these days. Why not choose forgiveness?

NOTE: My very blog is PART of the Saturn Square Neptune energy that is dissolving old 4D structures of religion and even spirituality as it is being replaced with Soul Awareness and scientific integrity. My videos that will lay out the ‘Theory of Everything’ should be coming soon. In the meantime, my writing is strewn with all of the concepts. If you’re Superhero Power is like mine, to see the big cosmological picture, you may be piecing the puzzle together already:)

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