Daily Aspects – Nov 27 – Soulful, Magical Words

There is only one aspect on Friday which just might make Black Friday less about being first in line and more about caring.

At 8:46am Mercury at 10:35 Sagittarius Quintiles the North Node at 28:35 Virgo. This is the perfect kind of aspect to have on a day when people can lose sight of the real reason of a special day as Christmas… and I mean the ‘spirit’ behind Christmas most of all.

Mercury in Sagittarius can be a bit over-the-top in 3D, such as exaggerating and bragging. But with a magical aspect to the Soulful North Node, he will be just as he should be and be benevolent, optimistic and express a higher consciousness. He will be able to see everyone he is shopping with as part of the big picture rather than obstacles to his own mission.

The North Node in Virgo is helping us to see how to serve others soulfully. Mercury is where we have ‘separation consciousness’ so when he aspects a Soulful point, he has to rise above his lower nature and take in the whole of himself as a Soul in a body. Being in Sagittarius, helps this process.

This entire aspect calls to mind the one word I’ve heard used as an African word from Nelson Mandala’s tribe: Ubuntu, which means, “How can I be happy when my neighbor has not.”

Rather than like the headlines of people being trampled as they rush in for the big deals, we could actually see people offering someone else their spot in line, or handing them the item they themselves were hoping to get.

This is an Anti-Grinch type of expression that just might create some magic to warm many peoples’ hearts. So be sure to see what words come out for you from the depths of your Soul. It will be a ‘Wonderful Life’ kind of a feel. One that the Hallmark movies are based on;)

Ok, I’m done with the movie analogies, I promise;) It is possible that you will find these words later on Thursday night, too. So try to stay in the magic for as long as you can.

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