Daily Aspects – Nov 23 & 24 -Soulful Desires

There were no aspects on Sunday between the Transiting Planets, but there are 2 on Monday and 5 on Tuesday so I’m going to split them up to discuss.

With one exception, the aspects over the next week are all made between the Personal Planets and Outer Planets. So the effects will be between ourselves and others and the collective. Perfect for a Thanksgiving week as we gather with others in gratitude.

In the midst of so many aspects, we have a Full Moon on Wednesday evening that occurs with Moon at 3 Gemini and Sun at 3 Sagittarius bringing up local vs. global issues. I imagine there will be plenty of discussion around the refugee issue at Thanksgiving dinner.

On Monday, Venus makes both aspects in a 3-way sort of thing with Uranus and Chiron.

At 4:22pm Venus at 16:57 Libra Quincunx Chiron Retrograde at 16:57 Pisces.

At 5:13pm Venus at 16:59 Libra Opposes Uranus Retrograde at 16:59 Aries.

And Uranus is applying to a Semi-Sextile to Chiron that will exact on Wednesday afternoon. But their close proximity and Venus aspecting them both will combine the energies. So I’m going to discuss the overall effect on Monday.

Venus is Transiting Libra, the Sign she rules, where both the Sun and Mercury have recently Transited and the North Node just wrapped up our Soul-Level Libra lessons on Nov 12.

Chiron and Uranus both bring up Soul-Awareness in 5D. Chiron is still painful when we undergo the psychological analysis required to navigate through a hard Transit of Chiron to our Natal Chiron.

But, here, Venus is a Healing Planet and will help to move us through some adjustment (Quincunx) that can result in some Soulful healing. Venus rules touch and so you have the opportunity to touch someone who may be hurting, or who even hurt you, as a way of adjusting out of the pain. And the pain is likely directly related to a relationship/relating-ship that has let you down. Adjusting into a Soul perspective of things is the key here that leads to healing.

And Uranus is standing by to give you the revelation you need to SEE the landscape of any pain from the position of your Soul. Uranus is ‘god-like’ revelation that GIVES you a new perspective and here you will not be disappointed if you wait for the revelation to assist you in healing yourself and others from any recent pain.

The key to healing any Chiron Transit is to find some GRATITUDE for what you have learned in the process of having this pain in your life. There are 12 ‘woundings’ and we each have 3 of them or more. Transits to Chiron create many painful stories that all end well if you break through the pain and discover your Soul. This understanding is what you will have on Monday to help you through anything. And it won’t end on Monday as Uranus and Chiron continue to apply to their own ‘productive’ aspect on Wednesday.

Tuesday will be busy as the Sun meets 2 Higher Mind Planets bringing clarity to us from our 5D minds. And Mars contacts both Saturn and Neptune, the 2 Karmic Planets, as they are applying to their 1st Square. Here are the details:

At 12:19am on Tuesday (so late Monday night) Mars at 6:46 Libra Sextiles Saturn at 6:46 Sagittarius.

Our motivations for reciprocal relating-ships will be supported by our higher consciousness and accountability. We will find it easy to relate as our actions align with a higher perspective of things.

At 9:15am the Sun at 1:58 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Uranus Retrograde at 16:58 Aries.

This is some clarity around the aspect that Venus made yesterday in her aspect to Uranus. Uranus has been helping each of us find our personal path to freedom as he Transits through Aries. The Sun in Sagittarius is giving us clarity around global issues and how to take in the big picture of things. So here we may begin talking about the refugee issues or simply decide to invite a person that is new to town to our family Thanksgiving gathering. The Ses-Square is an ease that comes from making an adjustment. Here we will see how we are all one big global/Soulful family;)

At 10:58am Mars Quincunx Neptune at 7:02 Pisces.

Our motivations that just encountered support from Saturn will require an adjustment be made to our subconscious fears for the ease to continue. Neptune in Pisces wants to end our 3D fears and here Mars needs to let go of any old fears he has around his ability to reciprocate in a relating-ship. Mars in Libra is his most diplomatic self so this should go down pretty easily.

At 4:55pm the Sun at 2:18 Sagittarius Quintiles Jupiter at 20:18 Virgo. This is a wonderful aspect of magic between the 2 Planets that bring us our ‘luckiest’ day in 3D. Jupiter rules Sagittarius so we are going to be feeling very expansive and optimistic about all things having to do with accepting strangers/foreigners/city-folk into our lives. We will want to serve our global community as Jupiter is in Virgo. And the magic here allows us to arrive at some clarity around a new philosophy of service from a larger perspective.

At 11:57pm Mercury at 6:53 Sagittarius Conjuncts Saturn at 6:53 Sagittarius.

Here we can expect to hear words towards us or from us that speak about the exact Square of Saturn to Neptune on Nov 26. Right now their Square is applying and getting very close. So Mercury will spill some of the beans around what these 2 Planets are doing to dissolve structures in our lives. We can expect headlines about global issues that show us what is dissolving…. borders, boundaries, laws, amnesty, debt-forgiveness, etc.

And early Wednesday morning, Mercury will exact a Square to Neptune bringing us more of the story. All of Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning will be about the Saturn/Neptune Square. Watch what gets said!






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