Dissolving Borders – Response to Terrorism

I really don’t like to address what our physical reality is showing us as it is a delayed response to our subconscious mind morphing itself. If we have Merlin Minds, we don’t focus on our old 3D fears manifesting because we buy into the ‘lie’ of the physical reality determining our existence…. we fall again into separation consciousness, 3D reality.

But there are times that we need to see what is going on in the physical as a barometer of the changes going on within us and our Higher Minds.

I like NEVER watch TV and especially NEVER the news, but at times things are brought to my awareness to look at and make a note of. Sometimes I write about them. If you have been on my newsletter list for 3+ years now, you would know that I have written often about how to deal with the vast changes of moving from 3D reality (Age of Pisces) into 5D reality (Age of Aquarius). 4D is merely a halfway point. See the Explanation of the Dimensions.

But I have written about the 3 Squares of Saturn to Neptune and how it will be dissolving our ‘borders’, our boundaries, our structures and granting forgiveness, amnesty, etc. to many groups.

We see that now as the discussion of bringing immigrants to the US from Syria ramps up. It is ‘humanitarian’ some say. It is not constitutional, others might say. One thing is certain, it IS the morphing and dissolving (Neptune) of some of our structures and rules, laws and order (Saturn).

There is much more at work here than a few refugees. If you take into account ALL of the Zodiac wheel at this time, we have Pluto transforming (in 3D destruction) the role of public authority (Capricorn), such as governments, banks and corporations.

The Age of Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which desires equality for all. Anyone seeking to take in refugees is feeling the Call of Uranus to respond to EVERYONE’s needs. ‘Universal’ healthcare is a Uranian concept (at the start of their current ‘cycle’, Uranus and Pluto met/Conjunct in Virgo, the Sign that rules health).

Uranus is currently Transiting the Sign of Aries, which rules the self, the individual and initiating action… like let’s take care of the refugees. And Jupiter in Virgo is agreeing, in part (Quincunx), that we should be of service (Virgo) to foreigners (Jupiter, global perspective).

But there is more going on behind the scenes that nobody has really seen yet. Not many anyway. Neptune is dissolving things through a ‘fog’ of the mind and of the reality. We can see this in physical form in the aspect of weather (Neptune rules water and the water cycle) manipulation (a Pluto thing as he Septiles Neptune lately).

Here is a link that explains the morphing of our weather with the accuracy only Scorpionic (Pluto rules Scorpio) energy can bring to the surface as they are the researchers that don’t take the surface story at face value as a Libran would.

Now, IGNORE the fear-mongering around it. I include this link because it is concise and accurate as to the research. I have done the research on my own as a very experienced due diligence person in business circles (aka Scorpio Sun at 29:39, critical degree).

But the DECEPTION of this is ALL Neptune. And it is ALL part of the grand plan to morph our world from 3D to 5D. And it IS! In Northern MI right now we are having 58 degree weather for the last several weeks (72 degrees just a few weeks ago) when we had 2 feet of snow this time last year.

The Hopi have said if there is a Polar Shift, which we are due for and which I saw when I wrote my metaphysical novel, Binary Fusion and the Millennium Bug, we will experience 30 hours of darkness as the world spins so quickly to find its new rotational pole.

The manipulation (Pluto) of the weather (Neptune) is what Robert Wilkinson (aquariuspapers.com) calls the ‘Grand Irrationality.’ But in 5D Astrology I can explain all the facets as part of a cohesive whole.

Out of 3D mindset, you don’t need to ‘fight the government’ because YOU KNOW it is just part of our cyclical experience here in human form. EVERYTHING is JUST as it SHOULD be.

Will we bring Syrian refugees? Probably, as it IS the TIME for such a response. And we will likely bring in more as we merge our foreign places (Sagittarius) with our local places (Gemini, where Karma starts) ending our Karmic cycle.

If you can’t figure out what is happening, just trust the process and do your best to navigate the fog using your HIGHER MINDS! NOT your Mercury mind… the 3D mind. In 5D Astrology, Mercury is just a lens to the physical world… nothing more!







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