Daily Aspects – Nov 20 – Magical Attraction

Friday is a busier day and we will likely welcome the distractions as we move into the deep fog of the Saturn Square to Neptune exact on Nov 26–just one week away!

If you have been feeling ‘sucky’ of late, Saturn and Neptune are to blame. I hope to post more about this later today. But their ‘morphing’ energy can leave us all a bit disoriented and, of course compliments of Neptune, confused. What is morphing in your life? That is determined by the Houses where you have 7:02 Sagittarius and Pisces.

But the aspects on Friday will be quite welcome.

At 2:52am (so late Thursday night) Mercury at 29:13 Scorpio Sextiles the North Node at 29:13 Virgo. This is some soulful thoughts and words that will express how to do your intimacy/honesty as a way to serve yourself and others. What you hear or say near this time will be very important as both Mercury and the North Node are on the ‘critical/Anaretic’ degree of the respective Signs they are Transiting. Mercury is going to have to pass some Soul-Level exam around the way he shares himself in exchange for use of other peoples’ resources. The North Node is going to show us something new about his Transit in Virgo for the next 18 months where we will be learning how to do our ‘work’ differently as we more into more service rather than the tedious accounting Virgo is known for in 3D.

At 5:15am Venus at 13:01 Libra Biquintiles Neptune at 7:01 Pisces. This is a double-magic aspect to our subconscious and our relatin-ship attract-ability. Here it would be easy to begin a new relating-ship that seems so magical and miraculous. Careful because by noon the magic can wear off, b but you will be left knowing how it SHOULD be to be in a relating-ship with most anyone;) If someone perfectly fulfills your desires, it is THIS aspect. It will not be a night of Coyote Ugly in the morning, but rather more like Cinderella leaving so fast that she leaves her shoe behind and she won’t see her new Prince until Mars makes this same aspect on Dec 4th as he comes looking for her. Ahhh…. what a night!

With those fond memories to get you through your day, you will be challenged by Pluto by evening.

At 9:02pm Venus at 13:45 Libra Squares Pluto at 13:45 Capricorn. Likely someone new will be vying for your affections and they will use very different methods than the one in your dreams (or the dreamy one) last night. Here they may be trying to use some heavy-handed means to entice you into their bedroom… seduction, manipulation, cupidity or public display of control and ownership. But you just need to play it cool and not push this person too hard. They are merely a challenge to you to put down your old 3D ways of bouncing around uncertain of your own desires.

If this is not about attraction at all, it may well be about someone who is a benefactor to you that now wants to turn it into something more. Or is manipulating the numbers of the deal. Use your Venus in Libra diplomacy to move away from any control measures they may try and move back into the magical cloud Neptune provided. Here your fears can die away and you will not even worry about this short-term act of control and mis-use of power. No need to mention it to them again, either, as it was just some energy you needed to see and deal with. Now you KNOW what you truly desire in a 5D relating-ship;) And it will be worth the wait!

What you don’t see on Friday night you will likely have clarity on by Saturday morning as the Sun at 28:46 Scorpio Semi-Squares Pluto in Capricorn. Here the clarity of the irritation will be seen and felt. But you will also see how to manage the Pluto entity as the Sun is providing clarity from the Sign Pluto rules. You will see through Pluto’s motives and manipulations and see how to maintain your integrity as you deal with Pluto down the road: transparency, honesty and integrity.

Saturday night is a whole new ballgame with some better aspects. Thankfully, that is my Birthday, too! And my Solar Return chart has the Ascendant in Virgo which is a big change from last year in Cancer!! Looking forward. Lots of Virgo in the year ahead!!










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