Daily Aspects – Nov 19 – Suspicion?

Wednesday has no aspects between the Transiting Planets, though you may have plenty of aspects made to your Natal Chart.

On Thursday there is only one aspect between Mercury and Pluto, which is one of irritation. When these 2 meet in a ‘hard’ aspect, there is usually some level of suspicion if one is not very self-aware. Given the recent headlines, it seems there is plenty of suspicion going around.

At 7:29pm Mercury at 28:44 Scorpio Semi-Squares Pluto at 13:44 Capricorn.

We can expect there to be some headlines (Mercury) that reflect the suspicion towards government, banks and corporations (Capricorn, where Pluto is Transiting). Pluto rules Scorpio, where Mercury is Transiting. So there is definitely something about ‘shared resources’ or the ‘financing’ of some of the suspicious authorities involved.

The Sun is a few days behind Mercury now and will make the same ‘irritation’ aspect to Pluto on Saturday. That is when we will have some clarity around what was said or written on Thursday.

We can expect there to be talk about who was financing groups involved in these suspicious activities. And this can be true on a personal level for you, too, that you will see more clearly something about someone you are sharing (or most likely using their resources) with. Scorpio rules the sharing of ourselves in intimacy or use of other peoples’ money.

Don’t forget that Mercury is our Karmic/3D mind. As such, he thinks in black and white, good and evil and usually plays the blame game while he sees himself as the ‘good guy.’Very 3D.

Pluto, on the other hand, has been Transiting Capricorn since 2008 around the election time. Pluto’s last Transit of Capricorn brought us the American Revolution. He TRANSFORMS public and father-like authority, which Capricorn rules. Pluto’s ultimate goal here is to help us return to our ‘natural law’ individual rights as we see what a Karmic mess we have made.

There is no point is seeing ‘who’ in 3D created this mess as WE did it through our lower consciousness thinking. So what we CAN get from this aspect is some irritation that should force us to OWN our Karma and move towards the resolution of it.

The way out of 3D is to recognize that we are purging our subconscious minds (Neptune) of our old fears. Once they manifest, we should simply SEE that we brought them into our conscious reality (Mercury) and LOSE the fear. We OWN that it was OUR fear and simply let the physical results evaporate into thin air as we realize we are bigger than the story before us.

In 3D, Pluto rules death and YOLO, you only live once. In 5D, you KNOW (Neptune) there is NO death only transformation (Pluto) through reincarnation or immortality which is Soul-Level knowledge. There is NO good and evil, there is only an experience.

The sooner we rise to this consciousness, the sooner the drama of our physical world at this time just evaporates. Like Lot leaving Sodom and Gemorrah, ‘Don’t look back!’ Whatever you focus on GROWS!

As evolving (Pluto) Merlins (Neptune/Uranus), you can change what you see as magical/5D aspects occur. The current Transit of Pluto and Neptune together is changing/morphing our old ways, along with many other Transits we have been under over the last few years.

Let go of 3D anxiety, judgment, blame-game, fingerpointing, political mumbo-jumbo and move into higher consciousness of 5D.



















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