Daily Aspects – Nov 17 – Superior Conjunction – Conscious Clarity

On Tuesday, the Sun and Mercury meet in their Superior Conjunction. It is Superior because Mercury is Retrograde. The Sun and Mercury Conjunct 2 times in each 160-day cycle: 1) the Inferior Conjunction when Mercury is Retrograde and; 2) the Superior Conjunction when he is Direct.

The Inferior Conjunction is actually the start of each new cycle when you can ‘see’ and ‘express’ what it is you will be ‘creating’ in the next cycle. The Superior Conjunction is where you have the greatest clarity to express how you are progressing towards that goal (Sun). The Sun shows us our ‘purpose’ and ‘goals’. Mercury is our ideas and ‘planning’ mind. As they move away from each other (from the Earth’s perspective, of course) we have a disconnect around our thoughts (Mercury) aligning with our reality/realtime (Sun).

For 6 days per year, our thoughts and ideas are in sync with our realtime/reality. If this doesn’t show you that Mercury is the lying mind of the conscious world, not much else will;) Spiritual people (4D) begin to move past trusting Mercury as they begin to tap into the energies of the Higher Mind Planets. But in 5D Astrology, you can KNOW which Mind you are using, where/what it is doing at any given moment relative to your Natal chart and USE the energies creatively.

On Tuesday, Mercury can be trusted to deliver the Sun’s clarity to you, however, Words and thoughts will be ruled by the Sun which DOES provide clarity and purpose.

Venus is very much involved with this Superior Conjunction on Tuesday as the Sun Semi-Squares her prior to the exact Conjunction with Mercury, and then Mercury Semi-Squares after the Superior Conjunction. This pulls in Libra AND Scorpio energy into the clear communications of the day.

Libra rules relating-ships in 5D. Scorpio rules transparent and honest intimacy and financial sharing. The Semi-Square to Venus from both the Sun and Mercury means there will be some irritation to be addressed around your intimacy and your relating-ship. So look for the clarity, watch what gets expressed and see how your desires are brought into the mix.

At 6:36am Mercury at 24:43 Scorpio Semi-Squares Venus at 9:43 Libra. Here there are words expressing the irritation between your balanced give and take (Libra) and your sharing of someone else resources/body (Scorpio). We are learning to apply our 5D relating-ship desires to our intimate dealings so it is wise to pay attention and to work through the irritation with words that express your highest Scorpio energy: honesty, transparency. Venus rules YOUR resources so there may be some issue here about the balance in the way you use someone else’s resources as part of your relating-ship. Or vice versa.

At 9:53am the Sun at 24:56 Scorpio Conjuncts Mercury at 24:56 Scorpio. Here we have the most clarifying moment around our intimate dealings. See what you can and see what gets expressed by you or towards you.

At 11:53pm the Sun at 25:31 Scorpio Semi-Squares Venus at 10:31 Libra. Here these 2 are moved to a new degree so there may be some progress made between the words expressed in the morning and your new goals for managing your intimate dealing by evening time. Watch for the clarity. It may just show you the wisdom of your words earlier as you did your best to work through money issues within your relating-ship.

There are no aspects between the Transiting Planets on Wednesday but the next aspect occurs on Thursday night as Mercury Semi-Squares the public authorities involved with his intimate sharing of resources. There is an irritation here, but with any luck Mercury figured out the Scorpio lessons of transparency and honesty and knows how to manage this aspect. If not, on Friday, he will get to touch base with his Soul as he makes a productive aspect to the North Node in Virgo, the Sign of the accountant.

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