Daily Aspects – Nov 15 & 16 – Double Magic Words, Clarity and Awareness

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Sun and Monday will be very magical days for you if you can use the energy. Part of using it comes from where it is affecting your chart and if you have any Personal Planets or Points involved. But the overall effect can be quite a great time for mending intimate situations and issues.

On Tuesday, the Sun and Mercury meet at 24:56 Scorpio in their Superior Conjunction which is a sort of midpoint in their cycle of roughly a160 days. This is one of 6 days all year where our thoughts, ideas and words (Mercury) are in sync (Conjunction) with our reality/realtime (Sun).

But on Sunday night and Monday, both of them will be applying to a double-magic (Biquintile) aspect to Uranus in Aries. The specifics are this:

At 4:57pm on Sunday, the Sun at 23:13 Scorpio Biquintiles Uranus Retrograde at 17:13 Aries. Uranus in Aries is bringing self (Aries) awareness (Uranus) to each of us on ways to find our own path to freedom. The Sun in Scorpio is bringing us clarity around our deepest connections to other whether physically or financially/materially. Here the double-magic will help us to find ways to maintain our freedom while being transparent and honest (5D Scorpio) with those we are intimate with or those whose money we use: lenders, investors, etc. Uranus can bring flashes of insight that show you how to do your freedom while the Sun will provide clarity on how to manage your joint resources. So it can be a win-win situation here if you watch your landscape light up with new awareness and understanding.

At 7:42am on Monday morning, Mercury at 23:12 Scorpio Biquintiles Uranus Retrograde at 17:12 Aries. Here the words may come flying out as to exactly how you and your intimate partners can magically work things out to share AND be independent at the same time. You will know how to help others see what you are sensing in awareness and be able to draft any terms should it need to be in writing. Most often though, these will be magical words that make everything come together with very little paperwork required.

Depending on the House where you have 24 Scorpio in your Natal chart, the words will take on some of those issues as well.

For example, Mercury and the Sun are Transiting in my 6th (work, service, health) House by Rising Sign and 1st House (first impression, appearance, self-assertion) by Sun Sign. The Sun and Mercury are Quintile (magic) my Natal North Node (Soul’s Path) in Virgo (4th House of home by Rising; 11th House of Astrology by Sun) and Uranus is Biquintile my Natal North Node creating what I call a Finger of Merlin into Transiting Uranus in my 11th House (astrology, social network, hopes, wishes dreams). Wow! Should be a lot of awareness coming in for me around health, work, living arrangements, astrology, freedom, intimacy and shared resources. I don’t try to ‘predict’ as if we are ascending in consciousness, we should let the new insight shock us (Uranus) with some new revelations (Uranus).

On Sunday and Monday, the Sun and Mercury are within orb of their Conjunction making all of our words and ideas very clarifying and in touch with reality as it is. These are 2 powerful days of awareness and helping us find our path to freedom which will take us, collectively, into more 5D and the Age of Aquarius.

I look forward to hearing about YOUR awareness, so leave a comment or email me what is going on for you;)

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