Daily Aspects – Nov 14 – Subconscious Desires

Aof Saturday will have us going over some subconscious things about our desires for affection, resources and relating-ships. There is something in our subconscious that we need to understand in order to make the adjustment that is required.

At 8:33pm Venus at 7:01 Libra Quincunx Neptune Retrograde at 7:01 Pisces.

When these 2 Planets are in hard/3D angles they used to create things like STDs that would show someone that they were feeling some subconscious issues with that person. A Quincunx isn’t really a hard angle, but it does raise some old issues that we need to adjust. If you see you have an uneasy feeling with someone you are attracted to or in a relating-ship with, then you need to go deep into your subconscious and see if you can shift it into a non-fear. A non-fear would come about by understanding soulful things that counter any man-made beliefs.

For instance, Neptune rules the subconscious mind of each of us and the collective unconscious mind of ALL of us. Through Neptune, rather than bringing up a fear, you can also reach that deepest point in the subconscious where we KNOW that separation consciousness isn’t real. With this knowledge and wisdom, you can then shift any other fear you may have around your attraction to someone or your ability to obtain the resources you desire.

The subconscious is a deep, murky place in 3D. It is the repository of all of our past-life karma and memories. But when you have made your peace with EVERYTHING that occurs as being all a part of the ‘play’ our Souls scripted, then you can easily adjust from a fear into a connection with another.

STDs, like all health issues, are simply what i call, ‘an external expression of any internal repression.’ When you want to believe what everyone has told you like STDs and AIDS and every other malady known to man, your subconscious will keep you working over-time on trying to ‘heal’ from these things you ‘believe’ in. And the minute you realize it was just your subconscious mind trying to get your attention, it will disappear. You won’t have ‘given’ another person an STD, it was just YOUR subconscious reminding you to deal with separation consciousness issues… the only issue is that there IS no separation between us.

There is also no such thing as ‘lack’ (a subconscious fear involving Venus) according to the Universe. The Universe does  not believe 1+1=2. It creates in compounding and along the Fibonnaci sequence/spiral which creates infinitely. So if this aspect has you dealing with a ‘lack’ of love or resources, you need to look again at what the Universe shows and NOT what others people have told you to believe. They also told you to believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Both of which are nicer than most things you were taught to believe in.

Anyway, all day Saturday you will have a chance to deal with some big 3D fears that you really do need to adjust into a 5D way of being. Break through these fears and you will never have to deal with them again.

Neptune is a very important higher mind that is part of the Merlin Mind😉

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