Daily Aspects – Nov 10 – Scorpio Matters

On Tuesday we have 3 aspects being made from Sun and Mercury in Scorpio to Pluto and Mars, co-rulers of Scorpio and then the Sun to Jupiter. There is a lot of Scorpio energy right now. Unlike Libra, which is more about the surface matter of things, Scorpio is all about the very deepest aspects of ourselves. It is the Sign that rules things that happen, usually, behind closed doors or in private: sex, money matters and terms, motives and peoples’ motivations for sharing themselves and their resources.

The Sun shows us ‘real-time’ and Mercury brings us conscious expression of what we ‘see’ by the light of the Sun. So right now our conscious mind is focused on intimacy and sharing. Venus and Mars, the other 2 Personal Planets, are bringing up the rear. Venus just entered Libra, the Sign she rules. So our desires will be about relating-ships, reciprocity, balanced give-and-take and refined diplomacy with these relating-ships. Mars is at the last few degrees of Libra ready to ingress Libra by Thursday night. Our motivation will shift from service and work to focusing on finding an ‘other’ to play with.

When the Personal Planets span Libra and Scorpio, we can get focused signals around our relating and our sharing of ourselves. Baby-Boomers like to lump marriage (Libra) and sex (Scorpio) into one House, contracting (marriage license, Libra) their partners sex life into the equation. But Astrologically, there is a difference… big difference in the 2 energies of these Houses. So rather than trying to merge the energies on the 4 Personal Planets into one area of life right now, try to see what you can about the ways they can, should or want to overlap and the ways that they don’t.

Tuesday, though, is all about Scorpio stuff so it will be easy to experience this energy and know what is gojng on. Later in the week, it may become more muddied.

At 7:14am on Tuesday, Mercury at 13:30 Scorpio Sextiles Pluto at 13:30 Capricorn.

Mercury brings us conscious realization that show up as ideas we get or words expressed to us in some fashion (written or oral). Pluto has been the person misusing their authority over us as the Universe’s way to get us to take back our personal sovereignty rather than relying on public authorities (Capricorn) to govern us. So if you can see, with this aspect you can, that this abuser is actually your friend, then you are understanding the transformation Pluto wants for you. He wants you to be sovereign being who can manage via his own integrity (Pluto/Scorpio). This integrity will be evident (Mercury) by the ways you are sharing yourself and/or using other peoples’ money (Scorpio). Contracts signed today should be productive to both parties in ensuring ways for integrity to be upheld from both sides. The Sextile is productive so use it to hammer out transparency terms so that the depth of trust a Scorpio requires is intact. It could also be a car that you are working out terms around as Mercury rules vehicles and transportation. So keep all these higher Scorpio ideals in mind: integrity, transparency and honesty.

At 8:27am Mercury at 13:36 Scorpio Semi-Squares Mars at 28:36 Virgo.

This is where it can get tricky with the terms if you are not transparent. Mercury is meeting Mars at just a few minutes (Astrological minutes and clock minutes) from his meeting with Pluto. The situation being discussed is very likely the same issue as Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio. This aspect is an irritation. If you are too hasty to get your terms in place, you may find yourself irritated as you begin to implement things. Watch your motivations at the first aspect as you will already be feeling them. Take them into consideration so your terms for sharing will actually serve your motivations rather than hinder them. Know what your motivations are and you can define terms to support them. See what their motivations are, too, and try to support them.

By evening, the story will likely have changed. The Sun is ahead of Mercury showing us real-time and clarity around our sharing.

At 9:17pm the Sun at 18:22 Scorpio Sextiles Jupiter at 18:22 Virgo. Expansive clarity around sharing and serving is what this aspect is about. If you have been working more (Jupiter in Virgo) and you didn’t think your pay reflected it, this aspect could show you ways to work through this issue. Or you could have some clarity around how your intimate life makes you want to serve others more. People who are happy (Jupiter rules optimism) in their intimate lives (Scorpio) are better workers (Virgo) than those who are unhappy. Is there a connection to your bedroom and your workplace? Maybe… Or are you working more (Jupiter in Virgo) so that you can have integrity in paying back some money you owe (Scorpio)?

The Sun is just 2 days away from the monthly meeting with the Moon creating the New Moon which will occur at 19:01 Scorpio. This will bring a fresh start in your intimacy and shared resources areas of your life. Around 11:00pm on Monday night, the Moon ingressed Scorpio and the energy has been building towards the New Moon. You may be able to intuit what the ‘fresh start’ will be in your life.

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