Daily Aspects – Nov 9 – Clarifying Soulful Awareness

The weekend was quite soulful already, but put the Sun in aspect to our collective Soul-Level wounding (Chiron) and Soulful Awareness (Uranus), as it will be on Monday, and we have a very significant few days for seeing exactly how the 5D awareness is working.

At 3:06pm on Monday afternoon, the Sun at 17:06 Scorpio Trines Chiron Retrograde at 17:06 Pisces.

The Trine is a transitional 3D to 5D aspect so you can move the energy into some mild magic to assist you in healing. The Sun in Scorpio is bringing us clarity around our intimate relating-ships. Scorpio rules sex, transformation, use of other peoples’ money, investment, debts, loans, ethics and motives. On the 5D side, Scorpio is integrity, transparency and honesty as our Soul’s have nothing to hide; we are having an experience. On the 3D side, Scorpio energy can be manipulative, seductive, controlling, and lack all integrity. All of which leads to Karma. Chiron in Pisces is working on ending some of our Soul-Level pain dealing with 3D Karma. With this aspect, we can find gratitude for all that our wounding has taught us and allowed us to experience. With gratitude, the pain goes away. The Trine makes this very easy to do and the result allows us to merge with another/others with no 3D resistance. From physical sex to Soulful sex is what we can achieve here.

And as the next aspect is applying at the very same time, it will indeed be a Scorpionic 3-Way of sharing and merging we can expect to experience;)

At 10:16pm the Sun at 17:24 Scorpio Quincunx Uranus Retrograde at 17:24 Aries. This means that Uranus and Chiron are in a Semi-Sextile to each other which won’t exact until Nov 25, but they are so close right now there is a very strong Soulful message coming through. The Sun is giving us clarity on what their message is. In aspect to Uranus on Monday, the Sun will be making an adjustment (Quincunx) to our personal path to freedom (Uranus in Aries) as we are becoming clear (Sun) about our intimate relating-ships (Scorpio). It may be you are trying to hold too tightly to someone out of an old 3D subconscious fear (Chiron in Pisces) and you need to adjust the way you see things. You maybe need to be SURE you pursue your individual path to freedom rather than tying yourself down to some old 3D ‘commitment’ ideas you have that sex binds you to someone. Sharing is fine. It should be done with integrity and honesty, but its not a requirement to stay attached as attachment is really just a fear. Uranus demands our freedom of movement as one of our highest levels of Soul Awareness. So sacrifice your freedom to another because of some old fixed emotional (3D Scorpio) energy. Be sure to watch what your Soul is really telling you rather than your old self.

The Soul knows that we project ourselves toward creating ‘mirrors’ that we ‘play’ with in order to have this human experience. Buying into the illusion you have ‘created’ means that you ‘fall’ again back into a lower consciousness that starts playing with the creation as though THAT is the reality. Your Soul knows better. Your Soul knows its Merlin Mind and knows that you can have any experience here and all you really need to do is to accept the energy that is coming your way via your chart. Enjoy the ride. Choose the way you respond to the energy and trust that there are no wrong turns, no bad decisions; there are only experiences.

Scorpio is one of the best areas of human experience;) I mean, after all, the ‘angels’ fell when they saw the beauty of earthly women and wanted to have sex with them. We should all be thankful that they did! Now the energy of that sexual exchange is moving into a new form that surpasses the old ‘horny’ sex of 3D that is accompanied with shame, regret and karmic fear. It is Soulful sex because it KNOWS it is having an experience with another Soul. Namaste will be a very good way to get through this day as literally, you will be REALIZING (Uranus) that ‘the god (Neptune) in you sees (Sun) the god in others (Pisces)’ and the pain (Chiron) subsides.

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