Daily Aspects – Nov 5 & 6 – Productive Ease

At 11:01pm on Thursday night, the Sun at 13:25 Scorpio Sextiles Pluto at 13:25 Capricorn.

Pluto rules Scorpio so he rules the Sun. The Sun in Scorpio is bringing us clarity around our intimacy and use of other peoples’ money. Pluto in Capricorn is showing us someone who is a father-like authority (or public authority) that may be misusing their power. The Sextile aspect is productive energy so here we can have some clarity around the transparency between you and your benefactor (Pluto/Scorpio), the persons’ whose money you have been using. Or the person with who you are sharing intimacy.

There are no words, unless you are a Scorpio Sun or Rising Sign and Pluto is Transiting your 3rd House of communication, as he is mine;) With the Sun’s involvement, though, we get clarity as to what is really going on. We can see things clearly and know where we stand around issues related to Scorpio areas and Capricorn areas. Capricorn rules social status and public reputation. Transparency around Scorpio intimacy and sharing of resources lends itself easily to enjoying a solid reputation for being a good steward with other peoples’ money.

On Friday we have just one aspect. At 8:39am Mercury at 7:04 Scorpio Trines Neptune Retrograde at 7:04 Pisces. This is our lower, conscious mind (Mercury) in ease with our higher, subconscious mind (Neptune). A Trine is transitional from 3D to 5D if you use it. In other words, you can turn this easy feeling into something that allows for a bit of ‘magic’ to come out of it.

Here the issues involved deal, again, with Scorpio areas of intimacy and use of other peoples’ money. And Neptune is in his own Sign bringing an ‘end’ to some of our old 3D ways of thinking so that we can achieve more harmony between our conscious and subconscious minds. With the Trine, any firewall of repression of the subconscious mind is brought down and we find an ease in understanding the role of our subconscious mind. Its like a prayer, once you realize YOU can change the outcome by changing something in your subconsciously, you can create the ‘magic.’

Jupiter will begin separating from his adjustment aspect to Uranus on Thursday night and all day Friday. As they separate, we can usually begin to see what awareness has been building over the last few days. So pay close attention. Aspects between the Higher Mind Planets are powerful for helping us work with the Transition from 3D (Age of Pisces) to 5D (Age of Aquarius) energies.

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