Daily Aspects – Nov 5 – Adjustment of 2 Higher Minds

At 5:01pm Jupiter at 17:32 Virgo Quincunx Uranus Retrograde at 17:32 Aries.

Since Aug, Jupiter has been Transiting Virgo where he will stay until next Aug. As the Planet of higher consciousness, big-picture thinking, philosophy and expansion, we are seeing more ‘work’ and all Virgo things, as we develop a new philosophy around work and service to others.

Its not the same ‘ole, same ‘ole here. Our Solar System is not static but rather moves through space creating ‘ascension’ type feelings that many spiritual people are often talking about. We are, in fact, evolving and changing with new energies relative to our Solar System’s position to the rest of the Galaxy and beyond.

Unless you can FEEL the Planets, you will interpret Astrology with ‘yesterday’s’ ideas rather than the ‘in the moment’ understanding of all ‘spiritual’ ideals that Jupiter represents.

So we are evolving a new sense of work, health and service for NOW as we are entering into the Age of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus and his energies.

Uranus has been Transiting Aries since Mar 2011 and has been bringing his shocking, surprising and unexpected revelations and changes to each of us (Aries rules the individual/self). Uranus brings awareness of freedom and a need for more of it. He brings flashes of insight that show us new ways of looking at things. He rules invention and Uranus brings change to shake us out of our ruts.

Over the last 3 years as Uranus made 7 Squares to Pluto in Capricorn, these 2 Planets were bringing each of us through ‘drastic change’ helping us to find our freedom from the corruption of our public authorities or father-like authorities in our homes. With these Squares behind us now, we are still moving into greater personal freedom as Uranus continues in Aries for the next 2.5 years or so.

Right now Uranus is Retrograde so he has us looking back at some of our old ways until he Stations Direct in late Dec.

So on Thursday, as these 2 Higher Mind Planets (Jupiter and Uranus) meet in an adjustment aspect, we can expect some BIG CHANGES, BIG REVELATIONS and NEW PHILOSOPHIES to develop around the areas the 2 Signs represent: Aries and Virgo.

But as Jupiter makes an adjustment aspect to him on Thursday, we can expect there to be some big revelations coming through that cause us to adjust our new ‘work/service’ ethic with our drive for personal freedom. Uranus rules groups and is in the Sign of Aries, which rules self. It is possible that if we serve (Virgo) groups of people effectively we are better able to create more personal freedom. The self can find freedom in creating a group mindset that supports individual freedom. And sharing of the work can allow for more free time. These are some of the ways this awareness may take shape.

But with Uranus, there is ALWAYS a very UNIQUE awareness that we EACH need to receive and follow. I don’t try to ‘predict’ this as it would undermine the very nature of what I do… just to increase awareness. I use a process to do that, but the product of it is YOURS to receive.

If you are getting headaches Wednesday or Thursday, ask yourself what it is you are afraid to do. Uranus’s insights can be scary as they can be calling us to make radical changes. It can change us from the person everyone sees us as into something very new. Very much like Bruce Jenner or the Saul to Paul conversion in the Bible. As Uranus is in the Sign of Aries, which rules the head, repressing his flashes of insight results in headaches. Awareness of WHY you are having headaches is often enough to alleviate them. Lay down and allow yourself to entertain the crazy, bizarre ideas that Uranus wants you to receive.

We can’t change our world by using the same thinking that Mercury has been teaching us forever. Mercury is the lower mind of the 3D fall. Uranus is the 5D mind of Self and Soul Awareness. Let his ideas through and follow it. It IS your path to freedom and our collective path of service to each other.

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