Daily Aspects – Oct 31 – Magical Desires

At 11:45pm on All Hallow’s Eve Venus at 22:04 Virgo Quintiles Saturn at 4:06 Sagittarius. This is a magical/5D aspect between our desires (Venus) to serve (Virgo) and our accountability (Saturn) to seeing the big picture (Sagittarius). Or desire to serve those who are different (Sagittarius) than us. Saturn typically restricts things to make sure we get it right through slow, steady progress that doesn’t deviate off the path. When in a hard (3D) aspect to Venus, we will a restriction of love or resources. But the 5D aspect makes this restriction (Saturn) of our service (Virgo) to others work towards a magical benefit that puts different ideas/people into one big global community. With the magic, our diligence (Saturn) pays off (Venus) and we have a blending of polarities (Sagittarius) that resolves Karma (Saturn). People’s guards will be down (or their masks will be off;) and magic can happen to reconcile differences and distances between people. Kind of a beautiful (Venus) thing, right? So when the masks come off at that Halloween party, you can expect everyone to see each other in a new light. They will celebrate the the fun created by everyone making an effort to create a good time.

There are no other aspects all day Saturday and Sunday, so get busy (Virgo) making your costumes so you can take part in the integration of everyone in an event called a party. The veil is dropped between ‘worlds’ or dimensions, as many believe to be the case on this day, so use your magic to remove distances and differences between yourself and others.

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