Daily Aspects – Oct 29 – Magical, Soulful Words

At 2:39am on Thursday morning, Mercury at 23:21 Libra Biquintiles Chiron Retrograde at 17:21 Pisces. For communications, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Mercury in Libra is still talking his way through his ideas around relating-ships as he leaves behind relationships in exchange for the brave, new world of the Age of Aquarius. He knows, after 3 encounters with the North Node in Libra during his Retrograde cycle, that the secret to amazing relating lies in his own ability to find inner balance and serenity.

In this double-magic aspect, Mercury (our conscious mind) is meeting up with our collective subconscious wounding aspects. He is leaving behind some old 3D pain as he has some Soulful insight injected into the subconscious mind allowing him to make a quantum leap forward into a new way of relating.

In 5D, Mercury’s Karmic/Duality mind is released and he simply plays the role of ‘lens’ to our physical world. See more about ‘What is 5D Astrology?’ or ‘The Merlin Mind’ pages of this site.

Make use of this aspect which is fast-moving, but powerful if you can get into the right head-space to use it. We are healing our old 3D fears and pains as Mercury meets with Neptune and Chiron, both in Pisces, where our old subconscious mind ‘ends’ and we begin again a few years down the road.

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