Daily Aspects – Oct 28 – Breaking Through the Firewall

The Moon is waning from its Full position of Tuesday morning, but the Moon is still in Taurus for another day. This makes us want to seek some luxurious space to stretch out and enjoy some delicacy while someone gives us a full-body massage.

From Taurus, the Moon will Trine Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn so it will make for a rather easy few days of earthy delights.

There is only one aspect on Wed that occurs at 9:00am. Mercury at 22:09 Libra Ses-Squares Neptune Retrograde at 7:09 Pisces. The Ses-Square (formerly called the Sesquiquadrate) is a ‘ease’ that develops from an adjustment. It is halfway between a Trine (ease) and Quincunx (adjustment) aspects.

Mercury rules our conscious mind that sees the physical world and can get trapped by the ‘realness’ of it all… quantifying it, touching it and playing with it. Mercury takes his thoughts and ideas from the outside world.

Neptune, on the other hand, is the other 90% of our brain that largely gets ignored. He rules the ‘unseen’ part of our reality.. the intangible, the periphery.

Most people have a firewall built between their conscious mind and subconscious mind because over our previous lifetimes, we have developed ‘fears and phobias’ (aka Karma) that we don’t want to relive. So we stuff those things down into Neptune’s deep waters, tie a brick and a rope to them, and hope they won’t float to the surface. Funny thing is… our fear of it resurfacing is what we will feel as an aspect DOES bring it to the surface.

On Wednesday, however, you still have some saving grace here. As that old fear around relationships resurfaces, you will be able to ‘see’ it and then adjust yourself to knowing how to cope with it. That will bring an ease. Your words will come out without much thought and it will express the adjustment you need to make and then you will enjoy some ease with your ‘other.’ Others can be friends, partners or business partners..

You may be restating your commitment (Libra) to not your addictive vice: excessive drinking, drugging, etc. When you say this, you are both releasing your own fear that you CAN’T do it AND you are creating an ease within your relating-ship. Trust yourself to be able to DO this. You are now applying higher consciousness (Jupiter) to your health and mental health arenas (Virgo) that will enable you to be successful.

But the big lesson is that anytime you REALIZE your subconscious is merely showing you your fears, and you OWN THEM, they just seem to evaporate into thin air… Neptune style;)

So see what happens and don’t try to fight it. An adjustment will make it all easier to manage.

And by tomorrow morning, when Mercury makes double magic to Chiron (our collective wounding) also in Pisces, we will see how really amazing it all is.

Don’t be afraid to let down that firewall… it is THE process of life… particularly at this moment as we are releasing old 3D fears in favor of moving into the bold, new world of 5D and the Age of Aquarius. Let it go… up in a vapor cloud.

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