From Limitation to Abundance – Philanthropy and Creativity

Prior to building this website, I was writing a daily newsletter for a small group of people who I would encounter that were interested in self-awareness and/or Astrology. NOTE: Astrology and self-awareness ARE the same thing and both are ruled by Uranus. But unless you understand some Astrology, you wouldn’t necessarily know that they ARE the same thing.

On March 3, 2011, the Transiting North Node ingressed Sagittarius, my 2nd House of earned income and available resources by Sun Sign. (I am a Sun Sign Scorpio, so Sagittarius is my natural 2nd House.) From that day, and for the next 18 months that the North Node Transited that Sign, I began writing about how to move from ‘limitation’ thinking to ‘abundant’ thinking.

To understand why this Transit was significant, I will break it down into parts that show the INTEGRITY of Astrology for understanding WHY anything happens.

The Transiting North Node is a Soul-Level point that is really a measurement between the Sun and Moon. It Transits each Sign for roughly 18 months bringing us various Soul-Level lessons on how to do this Sign’s energy. Sagittarius is the Sign of optimism, expansion, spirituality and higher consciousness, perspective and big picture thinking. As the North Node ingressed Sagittarius, I was learning Soul-Level lessons on how to live in abundance (a 2nd House issue as it rules what we own and have available to us).

When the North Node entered Sagittarius, I was already without work or income. Pluto (which transforms, aka ‘destroys’ first then rebuilds) had seen to that as he Transited Sagittarius and then Conjuncted my Jupiter (my good fortune) at 5:08 Capricorn just about a year before this. I was brought to the bottom financially, but not self-esteem wise as a 2nd House in Sagittarius is still very optimistic.

With the stage set, the North Node in Sagittarius brought me through some very powerful lessons on how to acquire what I needed. I would NOT have a steady income again as I had back in the day. I knew I would never return to such a way of living. In Oct 2010 I had begun making my own fine art jewelry to sell at shows as a means of barter and to support myself. As I had witnessed much corruption of the business and banking world, I did not desire to take part in its processes as part of Pluto’s transformation.

About 11:00pm on Mar 11, 2011… just 8 days after the North Node ingressed Sagittarius… Uranus ingressed Aries and in the process SQUARED THE NODES OF FATE (North Node has a South Node 180 degrees away that together are called the ‘Nodes of Fate’) on the very last degree of the Zodiac wheel (29 Pisces) and ingressed Aries. We woke the next day to news of the 8.5 Earthquake in Japan. But there is far more story just around that event to be discussed in upcoming articles.

But Uranus at the very first minute of Aries had crossed the threshold between our ‘old ways’ of doing and being (Pisces is the 12th House where things end) and entered into the Sign of Aries which rules the ‘self’ and NEW ways of doing and being. Uranus began giving awareness and revelation to EACH of us about what we needed to CHANGE and how to do it.

But there is far more story just around that event to be discussed in upcoming articles.

Back to the North Node in Sagittarius, as the Nodes of Fate were still within orb of a Square (growth aspect) to Uranus, I began get massive awareness around all areas of our reality, but most pressing for me was the junking of my ‘limitation’ reality. The North Node in Sagittarius put the South Node in Gemini, the Sign of the Twins where our ‘duality’/Karmic nature begins. In Sagittarius, we get to see the big picture and begin to move away from Karma by entering into some synthesis of the duality that raises our consciousness.

The philosophy I developed in 2011 is still working for me and others today. Much of the secret of it lies in understanding Uranian energies as well.

I started to realize (Uranus) that if we are ALL connected (Neptune) than what is ‘ours’ is a 3D idea that creates limitation and Karmic consequences that accompany that thought.

So I knew what I had was not really ‘mine’ and that if I wasn’t afraid to share with another or give to them to my last nickel, I would bless them and myself 10x’s that amount. AND if I believed I had no other avenue to obtain my resources, then I would prove myself right;) Self-defeating philosophy.

And the thought of ‘insurance’ I saw as the ‘hedge our bets against heavenly provision’. It was nothing more than a fear that limited our resources. So I didn’t need to OWN anything because I really just needed to have things to ‘use’ and somehow I always had what I needed. I practiced spending my last nickel each day so I could see how, if my kept myself from fear that I would always receive what I needed. The Universe abhors a vacuum and what is empty always gets filled (it is the ‘Modesty’ hexagram of the I-Ching, I would later discover).

It was always ‘unexpected’ how I would receive what I needed. I knew not to keep account of anything I gave away, but to give it whole-heartedly, keeping me from flipping my ‘off’ switch of my abundance current (Uranus). If someone asked me for money or resources, and I had them, I would give them to them as though God were asking me to (I was still seeing things this way at the time).

I learned that I never had to ask anyone for any money or resources because I trusted the Universe to provide. If I were to ask someone, I would be acting in 3D and be beholden to them for ‘repayment’, but if I trusted the Universe, I would ALWAYS have what I needed. Sleeping was easy! I never worried about financial things. I would barter if someone asked, trusting I could use anything as a means of exchange or to give as a gift.

Basically, I began allowing everything that happened to me and accepted it all. I was resolving Karma along the way because whatever came to me was my old Karma returning. But the more I trusted the Universe, the easier everything went.

So to recap, my philosophical points are here:

  1. Its not YOUR money. It is there to be used for the benefit of all. Be a wise steward and give to whoever needs it and you will enjoy the same benefit in return.
  2. Learn to be a gracious receiver. You can’t just be a ‘giver’ because you need to balance the energy and be able to receive graciously for the ‘system’ to work for you.
  3. Never keep account of any money going out. It was never YOURS in the first place. When you give, you CAN NOT possibly have less than before! There is a principal of abundance underlying our entire existence (Neptune)… not one of limitation as designed by our 3D/Karmic/Mercury mind.
  4. Don’t ASK for money or resources, trust the Universe to provide them for you. They will come from unexpected places and that is thrilling to know. Uranus rules philanthropy and it can come when you least expect it from ANYWHERE!
  5. AND like all good 4D philosophies, there are times when this philosophy WILL NOT work for you or others. These are called Planetary Aspects and Transits. When you have one of these, you need to know WHY so you can adjust your philosophy for YOUR UNIQUE situation.

Now my concepts have been refined tremendously and I can show you HOW we can create abundantly using our Higher Mind Planetary energies! It looks like MAGIC, but there is a SCIENCE behind it all!

As we move into the Age of Aquarius, we will operate from a philanthropic perspective of things. We won’t OWN things. We will USE and SHARE things with the collective as Uranus brings equality to all. We will also CREATE (Leo –Opposite House to Aquarius) and share what we make with others. It is a time of enlightened ideals around HOW we live and operate.

If you would like to know more about how to create greater abundance in YOUR life, let’s talk. Schedule a Reading with me. I have a new button where you can SET YOUR OWN PRICE for Phone Readings. Philanthropy and Astrology go hand-in-hand rather than the ‘selling’ mindset of Mercury. So I will be making changes (Uranus) to my Store very soon to reflect this:)

All of the answers ARE in your Natal Chart… they are YOUR answers. The only thing we have in common is the Planetary energies… they just hit us all a bit differently.

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