Daily Aspects – Oct 10 – Clear Accountability

Now that Mercury is Direct, we will begin to see our revised ideas begin to fall into place. Mercury is still behind the Sun so our ideas are lagging behind our reality. Mercury will meet the Sun again on Nov 17 at 24:56 Scorpio. This will be their Superior Conjunction as Mercury will be in Direct motion. This is a sort of half-way point in their 160-day cycle where we can gauge how well we are doing in creating the goals we set at their Inferior Conjunction on Sep 30 at 7:07 Libra. On Oct 18, Mercury will cross over the degree and minute of the Inferior Conjunction and that is another good day to hear, speak or read about our progress on these goals.

At 8:00am on Saturday morning (so you will feel it building on Friday night), the Sun at 16:52 Libra Semi-Squares Saturn at 1:52 Sagittarius. This is an ‘irritation’ to get us to shift to a higher viewpoint. The Sun brings clarity and Saturn demands accountability. The Sun is in the Sign of relating-ships, reciprocity, business partnerships and all forms of balance. Saturn is in the Sign of the big picture, optimism, philosophy, good fortune and higher consciousness. The irritation will force you to find where you clearly need to be more accountable in all your dealings as it will serve you in big ways to do so.

More than 12 hours later, at 8:31pm, Venus at 1:55 Virgo Squares Saturn at 1:55 Sagittarius. This is a challenge that can result in growth. In 3D, Saturn rules karma and karmic fear. If you sense any of this today, it is a very good time to practice the accountability you saw in the morning hours. Venus rules your finances, your resources, your sustenance. In Virgo, Venus is using her resources in the service of others. In 3D, Saturn here could make her restrict what she is using of her own resources based on an old fear of ‘lack.’ But in 5D, there is no lack so Saturn here is really just helping her to pay attention to the outcome of her actions so she can be accountable to the big picture. Sort of like how they tell you on an airplane to put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others. Venus can’t do her most good in service to others if she can’t see how she welfare actually supports the highest good.

And so we have 2 aspects to Saturn that are designed to show us some new ways of viewing Saturn’s energies. If you sense any fear, shake it off. For Saturn is now merely accountability. He slows you down so you can see the best way to proceed. Saturn rules Capricorn, the Sign of the mountain goat. A mountain goat climbs to great heights at a very slow pace. His every footstep must be taken in care to assure his steady assent. Wherever Saturn is, it is time to slow down and consider your one footstep in the big scheme of things. That is the lesson of Saturn in Sagittarius. He will be there for 2 more years.

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