Daily Aspects – Oct 9 – Unexpected, Expansive Magic

Friday is a busy day, but a magical one if you can access it. They say you have to ‘believe’ in Santa. Well, 5D/magical aspects are a bit the same. Rather than ‘believe’, like hope and faith, you have to learn to EXPECT it. There is a huge shift that takes place within when you begin to vibrate with 5D reality. You ‘let go’ and let the magic happen.

Friday starts out with Mercury dead in the sky as he Stations Direct at 10:57am at 0:54 Libra. The fact that Mercury is moving so slow and actually shifting directions means that he is at his very best position for NOT interfering with the concept of ‘magic’ as it is applying between Jupiter and Uranus.

Mercury’s change of direction means that he will focusing our thoughts and ideas on forward movement again rather than looking back at the past as we reviewed our thoughts and ideas. In this direction, we will not be hung-up on old ideas and fully present for the incredible magic that can occur with Uranus and Jupiter in a Biquintile (doubling the magic).

At 1:54pm Jupiter at 12:36 Virgo Biquintiles Uranus Retrograde at 18:36 Aries. This is some unexpected (Uranus), expansive (Jupiter) magic (Biquintile) around the way you work or serve others (Virgo) and how it can assist you on your personal path (Aries) to freedom (Uranus). Depending on where these 2 placements fall in your Natal Chart, more of the story can be seen as to who are the players and areas of your life impacted. It may just come in via some magical (Biquintile) awareness (Uranus) that suddenly (Uranus) sets you free (Uranus) even as you are busy working (Jupiter in Virgo)! OR you could find someone granting (good fortune/Jupiter) you with resources (philanthropy/Uranus) you can use in service to others.

On Nov 5 when Jupiter makes an adjustment aspect to Uranus, you will be dealing with some of the same situation as today. So be mindful of what you may need to adjust as this magic is applied now.

At 3:43 Mercury (now direct) at 0:54 Libra Semi-Sextiles Venus at 0:54 Virgo. Mercury is still on the same degree and minute of his Direct Station so he is dead in the sky adding weight to the significance of anything being said.

Venus is newly in Virgo and the girl’s attitude has made a big change from self-gratification (Leo) to servitude (Virgo). While a minor aspect, this is a productive one. Venus is on the SAME degree where she Stationed Retrograde on Jul 25th. But she is just out of her Shadow by a mere 8 minutes! Still, she is in new territory with our new desires moving us forward.

Words of love, words of service, words of relating-ships, words of sharing resources, and more are all possible with this aspect. Watch for what gets said. It is ALL new and becoming FINAL stuff as of now.

At 7:31pm Venus at 1:02 Virgo Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 1:02 Libra. She rules Libra so she rules the North Node in Libra. She is helping us to wrap up our Soul-Level lessons about balance, reciprocity and diplomacy in all of our relating-ships. In Virgo, she is applying practical solutions of service and work as a way to better maintain our relating-ships. Mercury now direct will speak words that reflect all that he has learned as he Retrograded in Libra. And as Venus aspects the North Node where Mercury will Conjunct the North Node again on Saturday, we can expect our words to be Soulful, loving and gracious. Our new desires will align with our Soul-Level lessons of deep, inner serenity that fosters 5D relating-ships… no longer possessive as Venus was in 3D… but stable and balanced and unshakable.

What a wonderful day for Soul awareness.. Uranus brings Soul awareness along with the North Node so all the aspects on Friday are soulful, loving and magical. EXPECT MAGIC!

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  1. Ok very interesting. Last night i went to bed listening to my new APP CALM (the cursive one) and was determining what to listen to and chose “Radiating energy- I am free”. Then I noticed as I tried to sleep the vibrations in my body. It was these vibrations about 5 years ago that made me seek more enlightenment. I would think it was from alcohol consumption but I had no alcohol. Then I read your message today. Much synchronicity lately. Love those “ah ha” moments and look forward to more!!

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    1. Uranus…. electrical current n energy, revelation and eureka moments, goosebumps, freedom. You have been hit by one of his bolts of lightning;) awareness, quickening and illumination are on your horizon! Oh, and good to hear from you:)

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