Daily Aspects – Oct 5 & 6 – Outer Planets Get Personal with lots of Clarity

If there is ANY energies in the Universe, we must realize they come from the electromagnetic fields of the Stars and Planets. Unless you can identify the various energies and their specific source, you are in 3D to 4D trying to find the truth about many aspects of our human existence. For, as Carl Sagan said, ‘We are souls with a body,’ and our Souls know all things, so making contact with our Soul-Level memory means we can SOLVE all of our human traumas and dramas. That is the premise of 5D Astrology.

For this reason, I write about the individual aspects as they occur so that you can begin to understand EACH energy that you feel and apply understand of its purpose. Having a ‘Merlin Mind’ means that you are a Soul playing in a human body and you know how to enjoy the experience;)

Very early Monday morning we have one aspect from the Sun, but on Tuesday we have 5 aspects. The Sun makes 3 of these 6 aspects so it will be a very clarifying day for all of us. And the Sun is Transiting across the degrees of Mercury’s Retrograde cycle so we will begin to see the ‘reality’ of the situations Mercury has been ‘revising.’ Try to pay attention to just the Sun aspects while also feeling the aspects in between. It is likely you will be playing with 2 or more ‘stories’ throughout these 2 days.

So at 2:40am Monday morning (so we will feel it applying on Sunday night), the Sun at 11:43 Libra Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 11:43 Virgo. The Sun in Libra is bringing us clarity around our relating-ships of all kinds (for each of us this is determined by the House where we have 11:43 Libra). Jupiter in Virgo is expanding our duty/work/service/health issues. He is helping us to arrive at a new philosophy around these areas as well. So this minor, but productive aspect will help us to see (Sun) how to maintain healthy (Virgo) reciprocity (Libra) as a new philosophy (Jupiter) in our relating-ships.

The Sun has been bringing clarity to the area of life where Mercury has been Retrograde. So looking at the things you have heard as Mercury Transited this degree (2 times already) can help you feel the difference between Mercury’s vanity ideas and reality of the Sun. Mercury was at 11:43 Libra on Sep 8 and Sep 26. The clarity you sense today is more reliable than Mercury on these dates. It is also helpful to look at what was said on the day that the Sun was Conjunct Mercury in Libra on Sep 30.

The way out of 3D reality is by seeing the lower nature of Mercury as a lying/vanity mind of the physical world. This is easiest to identify when you look at the various stages of Mercury’s Retrograde cycle.  In 5D, Mercury merely becomes our ‘lens’ to viewing a physical world that we can change using our Higher Minds.

In between the Sun 3 aspects on Monday-Tuesday, Venus, Mercury and then Mars also meet with an Outer Planet creating some personal and transpersonal aspects affecting us all at the same time. So intermixed with clarity, we have communication (Mercury), desires (Venus) and motivations (Mars) all in the window as well.

On Tuesday, the Sun makes 2 more aspects to Outer Planets. Mercury has made these same aspects 2 times already. So these aspects can bring more clarity around all of our relating-ships ‘revisions’ that Mercury has been speaking to us about. There are other aspects in between, but there is a continuing story with the Sun in Libra so keep track.

At 1:48am on Tuesday morning, Venus at 28:00 Leo Ses-squares Pluto at 13:00 Capricorn. This is an ‘ease’ that follows an adjustment aspect between our desires and our intimacy. In hard aspect, these 2 Planets create ‘fatal (Pluto) attraction (Venus).’ They are the 2 Money Planets: Venus is YOUR money and Pluto is THEIR money. Venus in Leo is someone spending lots of their money frivolously. Pluto, who they are intimate with, may not like this. So Venus will need to adjust her spending and fun to create an ease in her intimate relating-ships or with some authority figure. Pluto rules Scorpio and Scoprio knows that honesty is the highest form of intimacy. This may be the adjustment you need to make for the ease to happen;)

At 10:14am on Tuesday, the Sun at 13:01 Libra Squares Pluto at 13:01 Capricorn. A Square is a stress aspect or a growth aspect if you can use awareness. This is some friction between your relating-ships and resources you share with someone who has some authority in your life. Capricorn rules governments, banks and corporations or just ‘fathers’ around the home. Or the dominant parent. See where you may be out-of-line with these benefactors and you will be prepared down the road to turn the situation into magic when the Sun Quintiles Pluto on Oct 24.

Mercury made this same aspect to Pluto 2x’s on Sep 9 and Sep 24. Words spoken on those days may be seen more clearly as the Sun aspects Pluto. It is best to follow the clarity.

The Sun aspects Pluto on the heels of Venus. No doubt the ‘adjustment’ you made around attraction/intimacy or your money/their money is going to receive a ‘reality check’ as the Sun brings clarity around how you need to bring balance to your relating-ships.

At 6:58pm on Tuesday evening Mercury Retrograde at 1:32 Libra Sextiles Saturn at 1:32 Sagittarius. This is some thoughts or communication around relating-ships that is accountable to higher consciousness and the big cosmological picture where our Soul knows what is real. This is Mercury’s first Sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius during his Retrograde cycle. He will have a 2nd Sextile to Saturn on Oct 13 at 2:09 of their respective Signs. The story should be closely related.

The Sun makes one more aspect on Tuesday night which is double magic to Neptune. At 10:10pm the Sun at 13:30 Libra Biquintiles Neptune Retrograde at 7:30 Pisces. Any time the Sun aspects Neptune, we have some ‘fog lights’ that shoot through the shroud of Neptune’s fog. Neptune is dissolving our old 3D subconscious reality as he Transits the Sign he rules, Pisces. The Sun in Libra is also clarifying lessons we have learned from the North Node’s Transit of Libra from Feb 18, 2014 through Nov this year. We have been learning how to maintain deep, inner serenity as a way to create our perfect desires in another. As the Sun makes double-magic to Neptune here, we will see (Sun) how our relating-ship serenity has been re-shaped into a collective unconscious that is non-possessive and bears little resemblance to the old Libra ideals of ‘marriage’ and commitment.

Pluto Transiting Capricorn since 2008 has been Squaring the Natal Neptune of the roughly ‘Baby-Boomer’ generation with Natal Neptune in Libra. Baby-boomers have been waking up and desiring their freedom as Uranus (freedom) in Aries (individual/self) has been Opposing their Natal Neptune as well. Neptune is Libra was all about a collective unconscious that idealized ‘marriage’ as the social consensus (Libra rules the social consensus). For this age-group, there has been a huge (Neptune is vast) transformation (Pluto) around their ideal relationship concept. Just ask the early 20-somethings how they feel about marriage as Pluto has been Conjunct their Natal Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn. See the Era of the Transformers for more insight of vast, transformational change ahead in 2016-2017.

Rounding up Tuesday’s 5 aspects is Mars in Opposition to Neptune. This is a biggie. It lasts longer than the above aspects so you may already feel it building. This is a willfulness to overindulgence in escapist tendencies… excessive drinking/drugging and all other manners of self-undoing. You may be subconsciously undermining your relating-ships as well. But you are looking at your past via Mercury’s lens in Retrograde. So what you are ‘doing’ (Mars) is not to your benefit, likely, and you need to catch yourself before you destroy all of your other great efforts (Mars in Virgo). As this aspect separates by Wednesday, you may get the lesson and be cleared of your self-destructive actions.

At 10:53pm Mars at 7:30 Virgo Opposes Neptune Retrograde at 7:30 Pisces. This is really a 3-way aspect as the Sun makes magic to Neptune just a few minutes early and on the same degree and minute! The overall affect is one that will help us to see how our motivations need to come from our new collective unconscious so that our actions truly serve our new deep, inner serenity for reciprocal relating-ships.

Mars in Virgo is ‘self in service’, but can martyr itself easily. So this 3-way aspect will be a subconscious reality-check that ‘over-doing’ in our new 5D relating-ships can be as detrimental as ‘under-doing.’ We must strike a balance to stay in the magical realm of relating without possessing. We must stay in our personal serenity to hold such a magical space to play with another… as we are ALL connected;)

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