Daily Aspects – Oct 2 – Mercury and Mars

On Friday we have one minor aspect and then nothing until early Monday morning. So this makes the weekend all about your Personal aspects and nothing major collectively.

At 2:17pm on Friday, Mercury Retrograde at 4:47 Libra Semi-Sextile Mars at 4:47 Virgo. This may be a communication from someone you are in a relating-ship with that suggests they want to do something for you. They may offer help around something that would be reciprocal within your relating-ship. If you have felt that things are not balanced in your give and take, this aspect could put things back on a even footing.

Or you could hear from someone at work that offers a diplomatic answer to any inequity around the workplace. Or someone may simply initiate some communication with you that has been shy and timid until Mars hit a nice spot in their chart.

Again, not a major aspect and definitely a Personal one. With Mercury there is usually some form of communication involved. Or you may have some ideas (Mercury) come to you on what you can do (Mars/Virgo) to be more reciprocal in your relating-ship (Libra). Yes, you have to hold up your end, too;)

The next 2 days are quiet so soak up the building magic of Jupiter and Uranus and see if you can make use of that aspect. Watch for the building scenario.

On Tuesday next week, we have 5 aspects that will move things along.

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