Daily Aspects – Sep 29 – Conscious/Subconscious Adjustment

So the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurred and what happened in your emotional life? What someone ‘eclipsed’ from your life? Did you resolve your feelings for them and now you can move on? Did you KNOW how you feel about someone new in your life? These are all questions for a Full Moon, especially one in Libra or a Lunar Eclipse.

Likely, as I write this on Monday morning, we are ALL still stewing in the juices of all that powerful intuition and clarity. As there are no aspects after the Eclipse until Tuesday night, we are still processing our emotions and how/where they have been ‘reset’. Don’t expect a quick answer… with no other aspects, we are slowly resetting things within ourselves.

This is a good thing as there is so much old 3D concepts we are battling with around relationships/relating-ships. In 5D, where we know there is really no linear time and we make conscious many subconscious things so we can ‘see’ them in living color, we know we aren’t ‘cheating’ and we don’t need to be possessive. In 5D, we know that if we still have a subconscious fear, we are going to manifest it so we can ‘see’ it, get over it and release it. So if someone ‘cheated’ on you, it is because it was YOUR fear that you needed to see so you can work through it and out of that fear. ‘Cheating’ comes from 3D separation consciousness. In 5D, we know we are all connected and the reason they aren’t ‘with us’ at the moment is because we are not in the right vibration of non-possessiveness and no fear (aka compassion).

As the Lunar Eclipse occurred at the early degrees of Libra, the next New Moon will occur in the same Sign. We have a New Moon at 19:20 Libra on Oct 12. This New Moon will end the Eclipse cycle wormhole of ‘rapid change’, but it will finally kick into gear the ‘fresh start’ around relationships that you may have been wanting at the Lunar Eclipse. When we have a Full Moon ahead of the New Moon in the same sign, we have to be patient while something ends and something new starts in that same Sign. It could be different Houses in your chart that are involved, but there will be some element of relationships affecting each of us.

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We are processing these concepts as the first 2 aspect to follow the Eclipse occur. And they are, of course, the PERFECT line-up to help us figure out these ideas and let them sink into our psyche (Soul-Mind).

At 11:48am Tuesday morning, Mercury Retrograde at 8:12 Libra Semi-Squares Venus at 23:12 Leo. A Semi-Square is an irritation that will cause us to shift something within us. Mercury is in the Sign of relationship (3D/relating-ship (5D), that Venus rules: Libra. Mercury Retrograde in Libra has us reviewing and revising our relating-ship desires. This irritation is meant to help us grow. Venus is in Leo for a few more days and she is all about desires for fun and light-hearted/non-committal romance. Mercury is trying to balance with himself with his ‘relating-ship’ expectations. So, naturally, there is an irritation here as someone is being more formal (Mercury in Libra) while Venus is out playing around. Words towards you or from you will reflect the irritation. See what gets said (written or verbal).

The rest of the day will be Mercury, our conscious mind, applying to make an adjustment to our subconscious, Neptune, mind. At 11:18pm Mercury Retrograde at 7:39 Libra Quincunx Neptune at 7:39 Pisces. This is an adjustment aspect between our physical/limitation mind and our collective unconscious/all-knowing mind. Here there will be some adjustment to Mercury’s revised desires based on some subconscious knowledge that comes through. Mercury will be ‘forced’ to see things differently. He will be forced to adjust his ‘programmed’ ideas and see something he was blocking before.

When we are too immersed in Mercury, we lose sight of our Higher Minds that know we are just playing here in human form. We become like people who play ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ and begin to believe that life is more real to them than their boring desk-job or unemployed couch-crawler life. 3D is compelling with its continual roller-coaster ride. Sometimes we just want to jump back into the illusion and ‘feel’ the pain and pleasure again… and you can! But this aspect is going to remind you that you are just playing the game of ‘life’… don’t forget who you REALLY are… A Soul living in a body having an experience:) And we are ALL connected.

On Wednesday, we will have a meeting of the Sun (real-time/clarity) and Mercury Retrograde (communications, ideas) in the Sign of Libra (relationships/relating-ships). Their Conjunction, when Mercury is Retrograde is called their Inferior Conjunction and it occurs roughly every 160 days. It is one of 6 days all year where our conscious thoughts are in sync with real time. The Inferior Conjunction is the start of a new cycle. We can see and hear what we are trying to ‘create’ over that time by what we hear on that date.

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