Daily Aspects – Sep 25 – Mars Gets Soulful

There is only one aspect on Saturday, but it is a cool one… speaking from a 5D standpoint;)

At 1:10pm Mars at 1:01 Virgo Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 1:01 Libra. This is a minor aspect, a productive aspect and a Soulful aspect. If you recall, the North Node is a point that shows the location of the upcoming Eclipses. It orbits around the Zodiac Wheel every 18.5 months, one full Eclipse cycle. But as it Transits, it shows us where our current, collective Soul-Level lessons are at work.

The North Node in Libra has been showing us how being balanced and centered in ourselves allows us to have 5D relating-ships. These relating-ships are non-possessive (because there is no 3D separation consciousness when you remember your Soul) and playful. They will come and they will go, but if you are centered in yourself, you can manage any shifts without losing yourself and your inner balance.

Mars just entered Virgo and is now set to ‘serve’ others with great determination and action… until he encounters Neptune in an Opposition and he gets stuck in some quicksand for a bit (Oct 6). But for the moment, he is off and running to be of service and assistance to others. Quite a change from the Leo energy he just left where he was motivated for self-gratification. Now we have a motivated servant;)

As Mars aspects the North Node, he will see how being of service to and being very productive assists him in maintaining his inner balance for relating-ships. He will see that it isn’t about him getting the glory for helping, but about how his Soul wants to serve with a joyful heart. Wow! Think about that for a moment.

Virgos can often martyr themselves to others because they can’t stop themselves from seeing what needs to be done and doing it. Mostly they do it first because their life has often taught them that others won’t ever do it or it is their task if its going to get done. Virgos don’t have Libra patience… they hop in before it ever occurs to other people what needs to be done. If they could get some patience, they might find they would have ‘help’ getting it done.

With this aspect, Mars (our motivation) could realize that at the Soul-level it doesn’t matter who does it, how soon it gets done, but that there is always time to take joy in the act of doing. Ahhh… now that is Soulful;)

On Sunday there is just one aspect leading up to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. There will be some communication around relating-ships from Mercury Retrograde in Libra, where the Sun with Oppose the creating the Eclipse. You are going to SEE how you FEEL about someone or something very soon;) The words BEFORE the Eclipse will likely foreshadow what/who gets Eclipsed.

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