Daily Aspects – Sep 25

We are just 3 Days from the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which occurs at 10:50pm on Sunday, Sep 27!!

Wednesday night at 10:30pm, Mars ingressed Virgo. Now we will be motivated to get our butts in gear to help others, help ourselves to a new fitness regimen and to get into the details of life in general. this burst will be short-lived because Jupiter is still Opposite to Neptune expanding the ways we can escape into a void of NOT doing (you know excessive drinking, drug, addictions, food, etc). And on Oct 6, Mars Opposes Neptune and we will meet head-on (Mars rules the head) all of the things we have been avoiding doing. Actually, our short-term enthusiasm for helping others may turn to pure drudgery for a few days. Like suddenly our feet are stuck in quicksand and we can’t get anywhere. Let this serve as a heads-up that it will be tough to be productive for a few days either side of Oct 6.

As all Virgos know, there can be deception in the air around partnerships. Virgos have had Neptune Transiting their 7th House by Sun Sign since 2011 and they have not often been able to see things clearly. Not only that, they have Chiron, our Soul-Level wounding Transiting their 7th House as well. This can make for some real pain around relating-ships. Mars will Oppose Chiron on Oct 23 and this is another date to watch for. Men will feel wounded. Men will wound others. We will be wounded by our motivations. Our motivations will wound others. No matter how hard we try to apply ourselves in serve to others, there will be some pain around those dates. It is rather fast-moving, but you will feel some of it anyway. Now you can empathize with your Virgo friends;) The right way to deal with this pain is to embrace it as it comes from your Soul. It is a few days where you can remember you ARE bigger than all of this physical stuff… and that is where the magic starts to come into your life… just believe!

As for Friday, at 2:58am Pluto at 12:58 Capricorn Stations Direct. He will slowly gain forward momentum and those in positions of authority over you will be back in full force again. The lesson here is to TAKE BACK your own sovereignty and to realize you don’t really need outside authorities to tell you what to do. The fastest way to get a Pluto entity off your back is to IGNORE them. That shows that YOU have learned the lesson and YOU are taking back your own power. Wherever you have 12:58 Capricorn in your charts shows WHO (or what type of person) has been misusing their authority over you. You now will have the final pass of Pluto to get it in your own head. Pluto will travel to 15:33 Capricorn where he Stationed Retrograde on Apr 17 this year. For those really fortunate people, like myself, Pluto will actually pass 15+ degrees of Capricorn 2 more times for a total of 5! My Natal Saturn is at 15:15 Capricorn. In 3D, Saturn is my Karmic fear, but Pluto has been dealing with that since he hit the first Planet in my Capricorn Stellium of Jupiter, Venus, Moon and Saturn. Ouch! I know I am on the upward side of the phoenix rising from the proverbial ashes as Pluto loves to do;)

Uncharacteristically, Pluto has not yet completely destroyed our Capricorn structures which include government, banking and corporate structures. He usually would have done so by the time he reached 15 degrees of Capricorn. I see a few reasons for this and one of them you can watch for more info at my Era of the Transformers page (still adding to it soon). The other reason will be explained in a video showing how the Universe has resolved our 3D Karma… so NO NEED for total destruction from Pluto anymore;) Coincided with Pluto’s demotion to a Dwarf Planet!

And don’t think for a minute that YOU haven’t been Pluto in someone else’s life, because YOU HAVE! It is inevitable that we all HAVE a Pluto and we all ARE a Pluto. We are learning the lesson on how we use our own power from both directions: the powerful and the powerless;)

At 9:12pm, so applying all day, Mars at 0:36 Virgo Squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Squares bring challenge for sure. They bring just stress in 3D. But, especially with Mars involved, they will bring an ACTION to overcome something blockage. Saturn in Sagittarius is holding us accountable to a higher consciousness perspective around things. Mars in Virgo is driven to get stuff done… NOW. So you can see the challenge in this. Its a bit like a freight train hitting a brick wall, but once you skid hopelessly in the brick wall sure its all over, the wall lifts and you see you CAN blow past it after all. Mars is GO energy. Saturn is STOP (or go slow). But in Sagittarius, Saturn is more philosophical. Get his message and you can keep going, or plowing through Mars-style.

On Saturday, Mars gets Soulful… stay tuned:)

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