The Week’s Ingresses and Stations – 9/21-9/27

At 4:30am on Wednesday, the Sun ingresses Libra creating the Fall Equinox. Happy Solar Return, Librans! Whenever the Sun enters a Cardinal Sign, which is ‘initiating’ energy, a new Season is kicked off: Aries/Spring; Cancer/Summer; Libra/Fall; and Capricorn/Winter. The chart at the time of the Equinox is said to flavor the next 90 day season. The Sun in Libra brings us clarity around our relating-ships, close friends, business dealings and all manner of refinement, grace and reciprocity in our dealings with another/s.

At 10:30pm on Thursday night, Mars ingresses Virgo where he will motivate us to serve others (Virgo) rather than to seek our own self-gratification (Leo). So the energy shift should be easy to detect. This means that men will be more helpful as well as Mars rules men. We can expect us all to want to get onto a new health and fitness program so we are more ‘fit’ to assist others. Mars rules self, action, motivation and will. Virgo rules service to others, health, fitness, work/duty, and productivity and general ‘busy-ness’. These 2 energies can really make for getting a lot done and liking it. Mars will remain in Virgo until Nov 12 so get your work done before the snow flies.

At 2:58am on Friday, Pluto at 12:58 Capricorn Stations Direct. Pluto has been Retrograde since Apr 17 when he Stationed at 15:33 Capricorn. He will now make his 3rd pass over the same degree span (12:58-15:33). Whatever House in your Natal chart where you have these degrees is going to be experiencing a shift in his energy. Pluto Retrograde is in a weaker position than Direct. In Capricorn, Pluto is someone in your life who has been misusing their authority over you. You probably know who they are. Pluto has been in Capricorn since election-time 2008. Pluto rules shared resources or other people’s money that you use, intimacy, transformation and regeneration. Capricorn rules government, banks, corporations and other public and father-like authority. Pluto has been showing us how our power structures have been misusing their authority. But these entities are in a stronger position when he is Direct. The real purpose for Pluto’s tough energy is to FORCE us to return to our own ‘natural law’ personal authority rather than to be led and directed by outside authorities. This final pass will help you to get straight on why and how to do this. Pluto will sit on the exact degree and minute of his Station all day on Thursday so he is grinding in the lesson you need to see.

The week wraps-up with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 10:50pm on Sunday night. The Eclipse occurs with the Moon at 4:40 Aries and the Sun at 4:40 Libra. Full Moons and Lunar Eclipses are emotional resets. They show (Sun) us how we feel (Moon) about something. Lunar Eclipses are VERY powerful reset buttons. In the Sign of self (Aries) and the Sign of relating-ships (Libra) we can expect to SEE how we FEEL about someone in particular. Who this person is will be shown by the Houses where you have 4:40 Aries and Libra.

Its a powerful week to pay attention and see how the Universe directs each of the events in your life.

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