Love, Attraction and Healing

Daily Aspects for Sep 22, 2015:

At 12:56am on Tuesday morning, Venus at 18:45 Leo Quincunx Chiron in Pisces. This is an adjustment aspect. Venus rules attraction, desire, love, beauty, earned income and available resources. She is a Healing Planet as well, as she applies a healing touch. Thank goodness because she is meeting our Soul-Level wounding, Chiron. Chiron is our ‘chronic pain’ that is our umbilical cord to our Soul. Named after a Greek God (immortal) who received an ‘eternal pain’ that hurt so much he surrendered his immortality to ‘die’ to end the pain, Chiron IS that story in our lives. Our own Natal Chirons are where we have chronic pain and are forced to do our own psychological work to manage staying in a human body. Venus in Leo is a girl who just wants to have fun. In this aspect, Venus is having to make an adjustment based on some pain that cuts very deeply in her subconscious. Though this does go down a bit easier as Venus is a healer. See what adjustment to your desires you need to make in order to alleviate any pain.

The real magic of this day is already applying during the above aspect. So things may go much easier than it might otherwise.

At 11:15am on Tuesday morning, Venus at 18:59 Leo Biquintiles Pluto Retrograde at 12:59 Capricorn. These 2 Planets create a very strong attraction or ‘fatal’ when is a very hard aspect. As this is a 5D/magical aspect, there could be some very wonderful fireworks (Leo is a Fire Sign) between 2 people. OR the magic may come through in the form of some ‘money’ as both Venus and Pluto rules the 2 Money Houses. If you have been wanting some capital for one of your creative ideas, this could be a great opportunity to make that happen. Pluto, the benefactor, could be very enamored of your idea and magically provide you with the underwriting that you need.

Regardless how this plays out, the magic can take you to heights you might not have thought possible. Expect magic:)

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