Irritating Words and Our Motivations Get an Authority Check

Daily Aspects for Monday, Sep 21, 2015:

At 2:38am on Monday morning, Mercury Retrograde at 15:14 Libra Semi-Squares Saturn at 0:14 Sagittarius. This is some irritating communication that holds you accountable. Mercury is still sitting on the degree of his Retrograde Station. He has been grinding in some thoughts on this degree since Sep 14… an entire week on one degree. We need to pay attention to what get said via this aspect. These words may well come before you go to sleep or when you wake up. But you can recognize them easily because it will feel slightly ‘karmic’ as Saturn is known to do.

In 5D, Saturn is holding us accountable to deep intimacy with other people… intimacy that comes from transparency and honesty to each other. This aspect may find you speaking your truth even though it doesn’t feel so good. Don’t worry, it will hit you later that it was the best thing to do.

At 4:51pm Mars at 27:59 Leo Sesquares Pluto Retrograde at 12:59 Capricorn. A Sesquare calls for some adjustment that brings an ease. What is getting adjusted is your motivation (Mars) for fun and entertainment (Leo) by the person who may be underwriting (Pluto) your social status (Capricorn). If you are using someone else’s money (Pluto) to seek your personal gratification (Mars in Leo), then you may have to adjust your attitude and actions as you see their response to your actions. Once you do make the adjustment, things will go along quite easily.

NOTE: The reason I write about each aspect separately rather than writing a general description of the aspects together is to prove the point of HOW the Universe works. If you can identify, by FEELING, each aspect, then you can begin to see things from a 5D perspective. Everything can be tied to the timing of the Planets! That is a huge epiphany for many. But rather than have it all be about keeping track, you need to learn to sense the Planetary energies WITHOUT keeping track. Then you are living in alignment with the cosmos;) So see if you can identify some of these daily transits as they occur.

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