Conscious Mind Reverses

We are just 9 days from the next Eclipse which is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. at 4:40 Aries, Sun at 4:40 Libra. This puts the Eclipse across the axis of ‘me vs. we’ or the relationship axis (Libra). Aries rules the individual and our motivations and will. Libra rules refined and reciprocal relating with others. A Full Moon Eclipse is a ‘super-charged’ ending/clumination around your feelings for someone or something in your life. It is the door-closing that gives you space for something new (which was started at the Solar Eclipse on Sep 13. That Eclipse occurred in Virgo, which rules work, employment, health, fitness, roommates and all forms of ‘duty.’ Still this Lunar Eclipse will ‘eclipse’ someone out of your emotional space, perhaps related to the Virgo areas. If you have been waiting to ‘get over’ someone, this Eclipse is your emotional reset button!

Until then, we will likely be occupied with some ‘relating-ship’ communications that seem to be changing now… or revising what was previously said. Why? That is Mercury Retrograde in Libra. Mercury rules our ‘conscious’ mind… the mind that ‘sees’ our physical reality. Mercury is the ‘vanity’ mind of man where he believes he has freewill and the world around him is ‘solid.’

So when Mercury Retrogrades, our vanity mind trips itself up. There are scheduling changes, revised words, etc. When Mercury is so far ahead of the Sun (as he is when he Retrogrades–Sun is in Virgo now), he gets carried away with himself. He believes he is the master of his destiny. When in fact, he is constantly tripped up by Neptune, our subconscious mind. If you buy into the ‘seen’ world of 3D, Mercury Retrogrades can really trip you up. But if you KNOW (Neptune is stronger for you as seen in your Natal chart), then you just watch the changes and can stay non-reactive to them.

When Mercury is Retrograde we are looking back to our future. Mercury crosses the same degrees 3 times. When he Retrogrades, we are revising as we look back at our unrealistic ideas and getting it straight for his future pass moving forward again.

If Mercury aspects some of your Personal Planets during his Retrograde cycle, you will really feel the  challenge of ignoring the physical while trusting that which is unseen (Neptune).

Now getting back to Neptune and how he is tied into escapism and addiction, if you don’t have a healthy subconscious that has purged itself of many fears, or if you don’t understand how your subconscious really works, then a Reading would be of great benefit to you. 5D Astrology IS all about us mastering our various Higher Mind Planets so that we can avoid (Neptune is avoidance…  hehe) undoing ourselves.

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