It will be easy to find a reason to drink (or name your vice) over the next 24 hours. Tomorrow morning at 2:54am Jupiter at 7:58 Virgo Opposes Neptune Retrograde in Pisces. If you don’t drink too heavily, you might find some enlightenment come through;) The choice is yours!

Many have confessed to drinking more since around Labor Day. It is one of the ways we manage excessive subconscious stuff from coming up… we drink it down;) If you have not really purged your subconscious of the many fears that reside there, then you tend to want to keep repressing it. But this is one of those times when you might want to DEAL with what is coming through and find ways to release the fear FOR GOOD and not just temporarily.

At 2:10pm on Thursday, Mercury Stations Retrograde at 15:55 Libra. All sorts of relationship issues will be up for review. But Mercury also rules technology and local transportation (cars and vehicles) and these things can often have snafus when he Retrogrades, which he does 3 times each year. Over the last 4 years, every fall Retrograde cycle has seen my car with the same issue: it won’t start, its dead, but battery has a charge. I have replaced and rebuilt starters and batteries each time. Been towed and rescued a few times as well. But I am counting on this cycle to be different… its just time!

But things like schedules, airplane tickets issues, etc are all some of Mercury’s favorite things to do. Stay as non-reactive as possible and ride it out. We are really reviewing our ideas around relating-ships so watch what happens and see how it serves when all is said and done… that would be around Oct 24 when Mercury leaves his shadow.

At 11:00pm Saturn leaves Scorpio for the next 27 years. Done are the accountability checks on our intimacy and sharing of resources or our use of other people’s money. Now Saturn will challenge us on our optimism, our philsophies and big picture thinking. He will help us to set new structures in place that better support our truly accountable ideas. We will need to watch as he enters his 1st Square to Neptune to see what structures begin to dissolve for us all.

The skies are quiet until late Saturday/early Sunday when the Sun aspects Mars. Until then, ‘Cheers!’cuteguybeer

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