Venus Semi-Square the North Node

This aspect is a fast-moving one, but it has sizable implications. The technical details are this:

At 10:31am on Tuesday, Venus at 15:58 Leo Semi-Squares the North Node at 0:58 Libra. Let’s break this down to its parts to see how this fits in with all that is going on right now.

First, Venus is now Direct and going back over the degrees from 14:23 Leo to 0:46 Virgo.In Leo, Venus is ‘girls just want to have fun’ and she is all about using her own resources (Venus rules earned income and available resources) to seek this fun, romance, casual sex, entertainment/creativity and children. She has already reviewed her desires around love, finances and sensual touch, so she is ready to set things in motion. It can be helpful to see what was happening on Venus’ first 2 passes to 15:58 Leo which occurred on Jun 23 and Aug 28, give or take a day.

The North Node has been Transiting Libra since Feb 18, 2014. It is a Soul-Level point that is teaching us a soulful lesson. In Libra, the North Node is helping us to develop an inner serenity that creates a Ph Balanced soil within us where we can grow healthy relating-ships.

Venus rules Libra and so she rules the North Node right now. As we are leaving 3D, her usual ‘possessiveness’ is making way for the looseness of a relating-ship that doesn’t need to cling that actually stems from fear.

The Semi-Square means there is an irritation of some sort to learn the soulful lesson over just wanting to have fun. There is a balance that needs to be struck.

See if you can detect this aspect in your life. Something around desires is going to irritate until you accept the soulful lesson in there.

For 2 days after this aspect, we will begin to be drawn into Jupiter’s exact Opposition to Neptune which occurs at 2:54am on Thursday morning. These 2 Higher Mind Planets put us ‘under their influence’ without us even knowing how or why. It is the ‘siren’s call’ that beckons us from a very deep place. Don’t lose your footing or you could fall into the abyss. See if you can ‘contrast’ the 2 energies as they build. It is a great way to FEEL each of these 2 Planets..

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