New Moon Solar Eclipse at 2:50am on Sunday Morning

The Eclipse brings 2 weeks of ‘Rapid Change’ for a ‘fresh start’

Early in the morning tomorrow, the Moon slips between the Earth and Sun and partially blocks out the Sun creating a New Moon Solar Eclipse. The Moon will take 4 hours and 25 minutes to cross over the Sun’s face. In Astrological terms, that means the effects of this Eclipse will last approximately 4 1/2 years.

Eclipses bring endings and beginning at the same time. We wrap up things from the previous Eclipse cycle of last Mar and Apr and begin something new in the same ‘house’ as the Eclipse. An Eclipse in Virgo will have us ending old work, health, duty, service, roommate situations in favor of some new ones.

Solar Eclipses always bring the ‘fresh start’ in a particular area of your life where you have 20:10 Virgo in your Natal Chart. Many are already talking about how their ‘rapid change’ is for this Eclipse. We feel the strong push to move into the new directions the Eclipses open up for us. We are just beginning a new cycle of Eclipses in Virgo so over the next few years we can expect many more closings and openings in Virgo-related areas of our lives. It is time to get out of the ‘rut’ of our old Baby-Boomer ‘job’ life. There is likely to be something very different coming for all of us by the time the Virgo Eclipses have run their course.

On Sep 27, we will have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that will ‘end’ some relationship for us that is likely attached to the door closing from the Solar Eclipse. There may be a new relationship that goes with your new opportunity. This Eclipse occurs with Moon at 4 Aries/Sun at 4 Libra. We will see (Sun) how we feel (Moon) about our new beginnings (Aries) relative to our old relationships (Libra).

Step boldly into the new directions that are opening up for you. They ARE your fresh start… your new adventure… your new sense of ‘work and duty’ and your new sense of ‘health.’

Following the Eclipse, the skies are quiet until Tuesday morning so let the clarity of this Eclipse soak in deeply so you can move out as the aspects begin to put things in place.

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