Been Drinking More Lately?

What do the Stars and Planets say about this?

While Jupiter and Neptune won’t exact their Opposition until Sep 17, we are already ‘under their influence.’

I can see very clearly anyone’s drinking or drug problems in their Natal Charts. Some are born with addiction struggles. And some of us just have those ‘times’ when we loose control. These times would come from a ‘transit’ of a Planet today aspecting one of our Natal Planets. The Planets involved are Jupiter, which expands things, and Neptune which is escapism. Put the 2 together and we have a tendency to over-indulge.

In terms of the body, Jupiter rules the liver. When it a hard aspect to Neptune which dissolves things, we have ‘dissolving the liver.’

Building right now is the Opposition of Jupiter in Virgo (Sign of health) to Neptune in Pisces (the Sign her rules, the subconscious). They will be ‘in orb’ of their Opposition from Sep 8-30. If you have a personal Planet within aspect to this Opposition, you may have been feeling it already.

Neptune is vague and nebulous like most alcoholics. I don’t like to use that term because AA teaches us that we are ‘powerless’ in beating it without a ‘higher power.’

Jupiter is higher consciousness. If we can choose to use the higher vibration of both of these Planets, we would have the control we need around alcohol and drugs. If you would like a Reading or Report to show show to manage your ‘demons’ right now, please email me at

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