Hello Universe!

My name is Beth Bridgman and I write a daily newsletter covering the Aspects made between the Transiting Planets each day. These aspects affect all of us in a similar way and each of us in a very unique way. But if you can be aware of how each aspect FEELS, you can become aware of each Planet’s energies and you are one step closer to having a 5D/Merlin Mind.

Quantum Physicists watch the micro of our Universe and I watch the macro. But to the Universe, ‘The Micro IS the Macro; Size doesn’t matter,’ as my good friend, Dan Winter, used to say.

So I have found the ‘Theory of Everything’ (TOE) by following and FEELING the Planets. You can, too!! So jump on board. Let’s get us all into 5D where we can play as ‘Wizards.’ There is a science behind any ‘magic;)’

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